Manjaro KDE Plasma

Hi there,
I have an issue with my laptop display, left and right sides have moved in by .5cm and are dark. the top has replicated the the bottom taskbar.
I have clicked into the bars and tried various methods to return it back to normal but what ever i do nothing changes substantially, i tried to see what did what but next thing another task bar had appeared ( my usual set up is full screen and the bottom task bar showing. PS: Merry christmas to you all>

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Sounds like a monitor calibration issue. Try using the “autocalibrate” button on your monitor.

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Sorry argorn, i am using a acer laptop, i recently moved to manjaro from linux mint but haven’t learn’t how it all works as it is different mint in konsole commands. I think i right clicked on the bottom task bar and selected something to see how it works. Where eve i click i can’t seem to get it back to the original set up?. Is there an autocalibrate to restore back in manjaro?


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