Chromium lagging after kernel update

Hey everyone!
After updating the kernel of my running Manjaro, I’m experiencing some weird issues that I suspect stem from the real-time audio module.
The typical scenario is: I have my instance of Chromium with YouTube playing something while I work in other Chromium’s instances or local programs. And suddenly, my entire system starts lagging. Especially other Chromium windows, it seems. I check (h)top when this happens, and the RAM consumption is nothing extraordinary.
I’m not sure this directly depends on the kernel update (that’s why I’m asking for support here).
The running kernel version is 6.1.53-1-MANJARO.
Do you have any suggestions about how to investigate this issue?
Any kind of reference to learn about and solve the issue will be appreciated.

I’m not sure this is the right place; in case it isn’t, I apologize in advance.

Welcome to the forum! :vulcan_salute:

Just because you are now running a more recent kernel does not mean that the kernel would be the culprit. As the matter of fact, you’re running an LTS kernel, which is about as stable as it comes.

The kernel was also not the only thing that got updated, and as the matter of fact, chromium has also been updated recently — more than once even, because we fast-track that one for security reasons.

This is commonly due to a process hogging the processor.

  • It could be that the process is stuck.
  • It could be that you’re running out of RAM and that the system is starting to page out the memory contents to the swap device.
  • It could be a graphics driver issue — you mention watching YouTube videos.

Either way, without further information, there is nothing more we can tell you. So please read the folowing two posts… :point_down:

This might also be caused by a misbehaving extension installed by the OP.

Well, yes, and that was one of my possible suspects, but I was counting that under a stuck process. :wink:

Naturally, I assumed as much. Though, I was hopeful the comment might have prompted the OP to use some ititiative and test the theory.

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