Is it possible to undo an upgrade?

Just upgrade Manjaro Gnome today and everything is broken: theme, audio, extensions… is it possible to undo the upgrade?

Classic XY problem. Please edit your topic title and post to reflect what you actually need help with, not your imagined “solution”.

Please see:

Downgrading packages is not supported. Rolling release distros roll forward, not back.


For although downgrading is not recommend/supported you can install the downgrade package to downgrade individual packages (but you will very likely break sometime).

Personally i do a timeshift backup before every update so i can restore my system to a working state in the unlikely event my system is broken by an update.

You are asking for trouble though on a rolling release trying to hold back updates, eventually your system will break


Sure, fresh install/restore your backup.

Fresh installs are nice, as long as you don’t import too much stuff from your old one - so I prefer the fresh install and spend a few days putting it back together.


Yeah, I was just really surprised to have so much broken at the same time since this has never happened before, I spent the whole day reconfiguring and reinstalling things, I think now everything is normal.

Thank you so much for the tip, I’ll set up a backup before doing updates.

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This does not help you this time, but maybe next time.
If you use btrf as filesystem and timeshift, you can perform instance snpashot, with does not require addition space (copy on write).
If something is corrupted you can simple restore a previous snapshot. If you system does not boot, you will need an manjaro install boot image (or some other boot image, with timeshift) to restore a snapshot.


Wow! Really great! Didn’t know that, thank you so much for the tip

If your not using btrfs file system there’s a timeshift hook in the repos that automatically makes a backup everytime you update.

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However, not by default anymore.

In /etc/timeshift-autosnap.conf there is a line

# skipRsyncAutosnap defines if timeshift-autosnap execution should be skipped on filesystems other than btrfs.
# Default value is true.

where skipRsyncAutosnap=true needs to set to skipRsyncAutosnap=false in order to make the hook work again with non btrfs file systems.


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