Package build fails in GUI but succeeds on CLI

Running fully updated Plasma edition of Manjaro and trying to install the torguard package from the AUR.

When attempting this in the “Add / Remove Software” GUI application the install fails. When executing pamac install torguard in Konsole the install completes.

Any thoughts as to why the different experience?

Hi @ChaosDaemon and welcome to the Manjaro community.

My guess is that you may not have the AUR configured in pamac-manager (the Pamac GUI version that ‘Add/Remove Software’ actually launches).

Please see:

Without specific information such as an actual error message and related logs, for example, there is not much else to be offered.

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I hope this helps. Cheers.

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I just installed torguard successfully via the Pamac GUI, however it did pop up a message saying:

Error while configuring torguard

So the package was installed successfully, however it may require manual configuration.

I then removed torguard & ran the same command you ran in the CLI, installing the package successfully. However, the same error regarding configuration did appear in the terminal, although there was no pop-up alert (unlike what occurred with Pamac GUI):

Checking available disk space...                                                                                                           [1/1]
/tmp/alpm_9jSTgF/.INSTALL: line 10: syntax error near unexpected token `}'
Error while configuring torguard
/tmp/alpm_9jSTgF/.INSTALL: line 10: `}'
Configuring torguard...                                                                                                                    [1/1]
Running post-transaction hooks...
Arming ConditionNeedsUpdate...                                                                                                             [1/2]
Updating the desktop file MIME type cache...                                                                                               [2/2]
Transaction successfully finished.

So, torguard installs but may not automatically configure.