Issues with wireless wifi


ive just installed manjaro so i can try linux but when i installed it it does not detect my wireless wifi card.
when i type “nmcli dev wifi rescan”
it says no device found is it because my devise is old ?

pls help

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Please read the following two tutorials. :point_down:

You have not providing any useful system information - making it next to impossible to provide a meaningful response.

Please post the text from the terminal - copy paste - thank you - formatted with codefence - not quote but codefence </>

inxi -SCNxxxc0

It would also be nice to know what you have done to solve the issue - besides this post.

  • where have you searched?
  • what have you searched for?
  • what documentation have you consulted?

I’m not sure that’s the right syntax, what about

nmcli dev status
nmcli dev wifi

Also, show output of

inxi -Fza

Also, sometimes it will not work when you disable your Wi-Fi adapter with a switch on your laptop.

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