Black Screen after installing nvidia proprietary drivers

followed this video to configure proprietary nvidia drivers but getting black screen after install
w ww .youtube .com/watch?v=Byx51egzdhM

But in tty shell when i executed command nvidia-smi it give result as xorg running

can anyone help me in this?

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A video is no replacement for information :wink:

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How to boot from USB into live Manjaro (for repair):


You may have a look at

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I broke my Xorg config while trying to fix Nvidia backend for OpenGL (and was sloppy with taking backups of configuration files). Ran in to something similar to what you’re describing. I tried to repair my installation with nvidia-xconfig, mhwd and default Xorg configurations, but failed. I had to replace /etc/X11 with the one from my Manjaro live USB to make X work again. :sweat_smile:

If you’re interested, you can follow my related issue here: How can I make OpenGL use Nvidia driver?

Also, you might want to look at this page instead of that old youtube tutorial: Configure Graphics Cards - Manjaro