Video artifacts and reboot by the pc

Hi i installed manjaro linux on my pc (specs are CPU:AMD Ryzen 5 5400 GPU AMD RADEON R9 390 8G AND 32GB of DDR4 RAM)
and the problem was i only log in and the pc freezes and restarts if its not it has artefacts and restarts
version of kernal 6 as i rembemer

PS: I installed win 11 and doesn’t have this problem any ideas how to fix it

Hi @bedrockmasterbg and welcome to the Manjaro forum.

As it stands, you’ve provided no information that can help anyone diagnose a possible issue. Usually, the Manjaro installers produce a bootable, working instance of Manjaro. If it doesn’t, then it’s likely you did something wrong; but we have no idea what that might be, unless you provide more information.

Please read the following links which will enable you to ask more informed questions and allow others to more effectively provide assistance: