Manjaro deepin: cannot shutdown when empty passwords

Issue already created here :

As they said, the issue does not reproduce on deepin debian version.

they say also “there are no manjaro users within our community developers, it is recommended that you report this bug to the manjaro community.”

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Empty passwords are no longer supported, and never should have been supported in the first place ─ it was an oversight on the part of the Calamares developers.

according to the link
he/she removed them “after the fact”
nothing “Calamares” could have prevented this
… rather “… not thought through to the end …” action
of the user, who is also the super user/admin on his/her machine

It’s just a stupid (yes, I just said that) action
that can’t be prevented
and that he/she will have to pay a price for.

might still work? don’t know

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