Bluetooth can't detect logi k580 keyboard

Help!My Bluetooth can’t detect wireless keyborad of logi k580,how can i fix it?

i noticed that there were same problems before ,but i didn’t find the correct soluction. :pleading_face:
anyone can solve this! :face_with_monocle:

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There’s no need to create a second heading in your post; it won’t serve to attract more help. But, these will:


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There are some suggested applications that may work with your device (I have not tried any of these), Logitech Unifying Receiver - ArchWiki, Solaar is available in the Manjaro repository and the others suggested are in AUR

Well,i downloaded the solaar before,but seems that i didn’t use it proprtly,after i plugin in the USB receiver and open the battery source ,it works. xD

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