Manjaro is slow no matter what i am doing

the slow response is not isolated. everything responses slow.

i like the distro but i need to figure out how to get it working properly.

My laptop is slow, but my newer desktop is fast. My point? Read how to ask for help, Effectively using the forum to get support

you might want to read how to response and point to where that help is.

your response is useless and only shows negativity.

it is clear you do nothing to help.

Hi @oldschoolcowboy

Without specific information from you, such as actual error messages and related logs, for example, there is not much to be offered.

Please take some time to familiarize yourself with Forum requirements; in particular, the many ways to use the forum effectively.

The following links will help you achieve that.

And last, but not least, the Stable Update Announcements, which you should check frequently for important update related information.

I hope this helps. Cheers.

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thank you!

Here are a few more that will likely be useful as you acquaint yourself with Manjaro (quickly cherry-picked):


Thanks your posts have helped a lot!

is the gui safe from these dangers?

An ambiguous question.
As with most things, it’s only as safe as you make it.

Pacman (No, not the game) is worth time spent. It’s the more traditional package manager for Arch-based distributions, and the one we all turn to when Pamac (gui) fails to deliver.

Think of it in terms of ‘where would I be if I didn’t learn rpm?’

You link maintenance guides and ask whether the GUI is safe from those dangers?
I am not sure what that means.

But … we are on post number 10 and there still fails to be any meaningful system information.
You might want to add that in order to get decent help.

Usually a good starting point is

inxi -Fazy
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:bangbang: Tip: :bangbang:

When posting terminal output, copy the output and paste it here, wrapped in three (3) backticks, before AND after the pasted text. Like this:

pasted text

Or three (3) tilde signs, like this:

pasted text

This will just cause it to be rendered like this:

sollicitudin dolor
eget nisl elit id
arcu erat varius
cursus sem quis eros.

Instead of like this:

Sed sollicitudin dolor eget nisl elit id condimentum arcu erat varius cursus sem quis eros.

Alternatively, paste the text you wish to format as terminal output, select all pasted text, and click the </> button on the taskbar. This will indent the whole pasted section with one TAB, causing it to render the same way as described above.

Thereby increasing legibility thus making it easier for those trying to provide assistance.

For more information, please see:

:bangbang::bangbang: Additionally

If your language isn’t English, please prepend any and all terminal commands with LC_ALL=C. For example:

LC_ALL=C bluetoothctl

This will just cause the terminal output to be in English, making it easier to understand and debug.

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