I keep breaking configs

not sure what to write
i keep breaking configs

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From experience, I know this is the best way to learn what not to do.

Just like me.



This thread needs to be pinned as a sticky. :pushpin: Many new users and lurkers will find it helpful in troubleshooting some of the most common issues faced with fresh installations.

What I like to do is try the opposite of something and see if it yields better results. Did you try not breaking configs? Give it a shot and report back the results so that others might benefit from a potential solution.


winnie maybe joking around, but really stop messing around and answer your emails, do your spreadsheets or what ever you use your computer for. Stop trying to tweak every little thing. It’s a rabbit hole that will never end.

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Don’t eat yellow snow.


The above is great advice.

The OP Profile shows the desktop is KDE. KDE is especially generous in what it exposes via GUI. This can also be a double-edged sword.

imho, any KDE user should be reading these two items on a regular basis:

First do everything om Improving performance - ArchWiki


look at the first post of this thread …

see that (somewhat faint) link below that post?

Welcome and introduce yourself - 2022 - #352

that’s where it was split from because it looked like a support question
which I don’t think it is or was ever meant to be :wink:

That guy just wanted to say Hi!


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