Games makes screen blank

When I play games after a while my screen turns blank and i have to do a hard restart to get the monitor up and running again…

OS: Manjaro Linux x86_64
Host: MS-7A31 1.0
Kernel: 6.1.12-1-MANJARO
DE: GNOME 43.3
WM: Mutter
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700X (16) @ 3.400GHz
GPU: AMD ATI Radeon RX 470/480/570/570X/580/580X
Memory: 2714MiB / 15942MiB

Got this error message from command: journalctl --system --boot=-1 --priority=3 | tail --lines=35

kernel: amdgpu 0000:24:00.0: [drm] ERROR [CRTC:53:crtc-0] flip_done timed out

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Please read and follow all advice in this thread:


If you are unable to boot into your system to provide the needed info, then use a Live-ISO image to boot from a USB-Stick…
Some commands as mentioned in the articles above are:

inxi -v7azy

If you often have a need to do a “Hard reset” or “Power off” to get back to your system, then avoid that when possible by following:

Most likely your GPU (or whole system) is over-heating, try to lower your graphics settings in your game…