Laptop cpu is overheating

Hey, my laptop is asus n550jv:
CPU: Intel i7-4710HQ (8) @ 3.
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 850M with 470.103.01 driver installed
GPU: Intel 4th Gen Core Processor
RAM: 8 Gb
SSD: Apacer as350 panther 256Gb
Cooling system is ok.

Now, my problem: in simple games, like terraria, enter the gungeon and don’t starve together CPU temp is going to 80-85 degree and GPU 70-80 degree. On fresh win10x64 CPU and GPU degree was less than 65.
Temp monitoring on linux: “simple monitor” and “green with envy”
Temp monitoring on win10 : “msi afterburner”

My question is how to get win10 temps or less than it&

Hi @TrueDru,

In order for us, or anyone for that matter, to be able to help you, more information is necessary. To that end, please see:

Just a thought:

Make sure it’s not clogged with dust. Especially if it’s a laptop.

Hope you manage!

What additional information do you need?
I was cleaned up cooling system and changed thermal paste two days ago, it’s alright.
Please read my post again, win10 have 65 degree, manjaro have 85 degree, how cooling system can affect it?

also check your softwarecenter, there is a lot of software for fancontrol of asus. just look for “asus” in there and you’ll see.

Did you read my post? I needn’t fancontrol. If you want to help, please read post.
1)My laptop have fancontrol fork called Asus-fancontrol, original fancontrol doesn’t work.
2)I need to know how to fix this overheating without go fans to 100%.

i’m out

If you don’t provide good infos, don’t wait for a good solution! (We can only guessing)

At least you should include the result of

  1. inxi -F
    to inform us about your system and drivers using,
  2. journalctl -p4 -b0
    to inform us about problems with your system (including warning -p4 or at least errors -p3)
  3. If you are using services or programs to solve your problem like fancontrol, thermald, tlp, etc your settings are needed to see what you are trying to do and what’s wrong
    cat /etc/fancontrol
    cat /etc/thermald/thermal-cpu-cdev-order.xml
    cat /etc/tlp.conf
  4. What you have allready tried to solve it, and didn’t work. Did you try to search at forum if your problem has reported again?

Until you provide good infos, the only safe that I can do is to provide the following link

PS: As we all replied to your post, be sure that we all have read your post. Nobody pay us to help you, so you have more chances to find a solution, if you are more polite and provide good infos and follow the forum rules. Otherwise you will get more RTFM messages!!

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Does the command line sensors yield the same temperatures as reported by “simple monitor”?

1)System:Host: n550jv Kernel: 5.15.25-1-MANJARO x86_64 bits: 64Desktop: KDE Pl -
2)мар 14 20:42:30 n550jv kernel: MDS CPU bug present and SMT on, data leak possibl -
3)Fancontrol: # Configuration file generated by pwmconfig, changes will be lostINTERVAL=2D -
tlp: # ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -
4)I already trued to change fan speed, but i thing it isn’t good way to solve the problem, because win10 has less temperature with less fan speed.

And sorry, i will be more polite. Just hard days.

Yeah, temperatures at ‘simple monitor’ and ‘sensors’ temps is the same

Is this only for gaming, or any stressful CPU task?

It could be that the games are optimized for Windows, and hence run more efficiently (and thus “cooler”) than under Linux.


Can you share the performance under windows and linux (fps and so on) ? Are you playing with the same configs?

I have an Alienware M15 R6 and the heat level is the same for both(windows and linux) when I play the same games with the same configs( normally “high” with frame rate capped)

Can be something related specific of the game too.

I tested this with XCOM2, TW Warhammer2 and DOTA when I got the laptop. Some non-linux-native games have more heratic behavior, but none of them overheat that much.

Any stressful task is upping CPU temp to high temperatures. Laptop is hotter in Linux in every task

I can’t share this information right now, i need my os and i haven’t another drive to test win10, performance performance was the same a week ago, but temperatures are higher in linux

This problem is still actual, somebody, please, help me.

Two days ago my Lenovo W530 started overheating. All I do is simple computing, browsing mainly. Usually the temp is around 50C but now it is often going up to 90. I use the Brave Browser but switching to Firefox made no difference. I switched out of Manjaro to stable BU OS Debian and it is still running higher than usual but more like in the 60’s. In both systems am using Gnome with Vitals add-on on the Taskbar and the fan is working fine. But as long as Debian is running in 60’s and Manjaro in 80-90’s I’ll have to stick with Debian.

In Manjaro in System Monitor can see that one or more of the 8 CPU’s is going into 100% which usually raises temp considerably but in the Process Manager I cannot see any programs using much RAM or CPU%. 100% CPU use not happening in Debian. Ooops, spoke too soon: now it is happening in Debian too for a few minutes at a time then stops; all am running is OS and Brave.


But am wondering if maybe Gnome update has changed things. If this doesn’t go away in a week or so will consider installing non-Gnome option to see if that makes a difference.

I also changed Hardware from Proprietary to Open Source a couple of times but no difference.

Very strange…
I hope you resolve your issue…

I remembered suddenly and spritzed the fan with compressed air. A small cloud of dust sallied forth. Then temperature levels back down to normal immediately and now happily back on Manjaro.

I still doesn’t really explain why it was around 80-90 C in Manjaro and around 65 in Debian, but I’ll take this as an ‘all’s well that ends well’ resolution and move on.

@TrueDru do your fans work after suspension? cuz my laptop (asus as yours but older) after resumes from suspension the fancontrol service dies and the temps go high even when watching videos, do your high temps happen after suspension or always? Also this does not happen on windows, is a linux kernel bug. A way of knowing if this is happening is checking the sensors output after a suspension, if the fan speed is changing then you are not affected, if the cpu fan speed does not change no matter the task then you have your guilty.