Clicks missed or not registered

I have this issue with mouse clicks not registering in XOrg or Wayland. I have an MSI low end gaming laptop. But it also seems to happen on my desktop too. I click (or double click) and half the time the click doesn’t register. However if I maintain the mouse position the click will be picked up every time but just late in some situations. Is there some setting that I should toy with in order to solve this issue?

First make sure your hardware is not faulty. Use another OS on USB to try if it works perfectly on another OS.

I doubt it would be happening on two sets of hardware simultaneously. And I have switched between mouse and touchpad with the same problem.

Doesn’t happen on Windows 10

Assuming is not knowing, now you know.

First things first:

Try another kernel see if it changes something.

This problem has survived many kernel updates. And yes it does not happen on Windows 10.