300 plus updates to do one is making manjaro not work

hi, thank you first for taking the time to help me. and the manjaro team thank you for making this project

I have been running manjaro now for a few months with no real problems at all doing updates here and there but not doing them every day or every other day like I could as it is nice to be in control of when I want to do updates to make sure I can get work done but this week I came across a lot off updates to do 300+ even tho a few days ago I did update my system without problems

but something I these updates makes my system not work when I apply all the updates some apps just don’t work anymore will open but will close very quickly I can remember this happening with authy 2-factor app and sorry to say this word but I do use it for work at times Microsoft teams will just close and I think a few other apps just don’t run I remember only being able to use my web browser

in the end, I had to run a time shift to restore before the backup to have a working system anyone got any idea what might be making this happen is there a command I can run to show you all the updates that want to happen to see if someone can tell me what package is making this problem happen

by the way, I am using the kde version

You are in control - no one forces you to update.

Turn off the update indicator if that is annoying.

Manjaro is a tightly integrated system and does not support different versions of the same library.

Therefore - when you want to install one package otherwise known as sync - you need to update the system at the same time. IF because you can you choose to only sync that single package including dependencies - your system is only partially synced - and that state is unsupported.

This is the reason the GUI package manager defaults to sync the whole system. You can disable the behavior in the settings - but be advised - it is not recommended.

If you prefer your system to be synced more often - it is advised to switch to testing or unstable branch.

The unstable branch is where all stable Arch packages enter and it is updated very, very frequent - in any case - skip the update reminder - as it is a strees factor. Instead get yourself a schedule - only use one mrror - don’t not every day - once a week is a reasonable interval.

Of course it is your system and you should find your own flow.