Installer crashes on it's startup

Guys help please with installer crashing (they redirected me here)

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Have you already :mag: for your problem in the forum ? (Wisdom lies in asking → listening → reading :wink: )

All info is in my GitHub issue.

Hello @rekiiky and welcome :wink:

I guess you didn’t wipe your HDD, which was part of Software RAID? Calamares still recognize that. It seems to crash because it cannot create a filesystem on /dev/md127, since the second disk is not there.

Wipe the signature, not only erase:

sudo wipefs --all /dev/sda

Then start over.


Thanks for the tip!
I came to the conclusion that /dev/md127 belongs to /dev/sdb, which in turn is a disk for Intel Rapid Start Technology (or something like that), which uses RAID in its operation.
As I understand it, this Technology is not needed at all in Linux?

Not needed, not supported. In the UEFI switch off RST or switch it to AHCI.


It is already turned off, but the RAID still remains

As said. Wipe it :arrow_up:

Wipe with all data and signatures?

Yeah, if you wipe it, then it gets wiped, or do you need that RAID?

It In general, not needed :slight_smile: I’ll go check it out now, hope it works, thanks !

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