Erratic plasma desktop startup (desktop area black and unresponsive, panel works)

Hi, on an up to date manjaro machine I am starting to see this.

In some occasions plasma starts up broken. After the login, you get the bottom panel, with all the widget working, but the desktop area itself remains black (without its icons and wall paper) and unresponsive (right clicking in it with the mouse does not offer a contextual menu).

In this state, pressing F2 opens the runner, but in the wrong place (right aligned rather than centered).

The weird thing is that if you issue a plasmashell --replace everything is fixed.

At this point the next login may be fine, … or again not … etc.

Looks very much like a race. Any idea?

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Switch to default Breeze or Breath theme. Clear cache, and see if the problem persists.

Looks like the issue is probably related to the usage of non-standard widgets. Candidates for being the problematic ones are: System load viewer and Thermal monitor. Removing them fixes it. But the situation remains a bit unclear, as re-adding the widgets does not systematically reintroduce the issue.

Unfortunately, the standard widgets don’t appear to be good substitutes for these widgets. I haven’t found any way to get the system monitor widget list the average cpu freq or the cpu package temperature.