[HowTo] Increase your chances of solving your issue

Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆

Strong of its many members, the Manjaro support forum can provide you help whenever you have an issue with your Manjaro installation. But in order to work efficiently, we shall also ask you to follow three major steps.

Keep calm and read

First some basics: whenever you need to troubleshoot, chances are the solution is already under your nose.

Find error messages

Very often when an applications crashes, and sometimes when it misbehaves, it prints an error message somewhere.

  • If the message appears on screen, like in a popup or in the terminal, do read it. In most cases, it hints at what goes wrong (a missing file, a wrong configuration, a corrupted input…) if it doesn’t outright tells the solution (add a missing argument, install a missing dependency, start a service…).
  • If no such message appears, there are still ways to look for one.
    • Restart the application from the terminal. In many cases an error will be printed there when reproducing the issue.
    • Check the system journals. This is often required when the issue comes from the system itself, or when the application runs as a daemon and thus cannot be restarted.

Read the relevant documentation

Documentation related to the application often detail its processing logic, or even lists common issues with solutions and workarounds. A few places that you can check first are:

  • its manual and help pages, when available
man <my_app>
<my_app> --help

Look for similar issues

Chances are you are not the only one with the issue you are experiencing. Searching online for such occurrences may also bring you to a solution or workaround.

  • The second post in each update announcement lists known issues related to that update, usually with solutions or workarounds.
  • This forum does have a search feature, so does the Arch forum.
  • Upstream, Arch package maintainers have a bug tracker for known issues to be fixed/followed.
  • More upstream, most developers also have a bug tracker, moreover when they use Github or Gitlab for publishing their applications.
  • There are many online communities where issues may be shared. The issue could also occur in other distributions. In order to find all of those, use your favorite web search service.

:star2: If those steps allowed you to solve your issue at this point, congratulations! You managed to troubleshoot your issue by yourself!

Ask and you may be helped

As the official Manjaro forum, this is a good place to ask for support for your issue. But things can speed up if you take some steps.

Narrow to the relevant category

Many members here are knowledgeable, but not always about the same things. In order to solicit the right people, you can:

  • Create your support thread in the associated sub-category.
    If you don’t know where to post, you can leave it in the main category, and a moderator may move it to the relevant one. Don’t abuse them though!
  • Add tags to your thread, relating to the problematic application and/or your user context (architecture, desktop environment, hardware brand…).

Entice others to help you

This may seem like a weird think to ask, but the point here is to avoid rebuking members from helping because of your manners.

  • Create one thread per issue.
    Mixing several issues in a single thread makes support more difficult, as it would require to always contextualize which issue a reply is for.

  • Avoid broad titles, use it to summarize your issue.

    • :x: “I need help!”
    • :white_check_mark: “After updating, my system is stuck to black screen on boot”
  • Do not put details in the title, leave them in the main post, where you can also format them.

    • :x: “I can’t boot since update. I have Nvidia card and Intel GPU. Please help!”
    • :white_check_mark: “I can’t boot since update”
  • Do not write as you would in an instant messenger. Use punctuation and paragraphs, check your grammar.

    • :x: “so dis monin i dl the update after i cant boot at all what do i do”
    • :white_check_mark: “So this morning, i downloaded the update, and afterwards i can’t boot.
      What do i do?”
  • Do not rant.
    It’s easy to blame Manjaro and/or its community for your issue. But that does not make you any closer from finding why that issue happens in the first place, and thus neither are you from resolving it.

    • :x: “Garbage Manjaro doesn’t let me change my wallpaper”
    • :white_check_mark: “I can’t change my wallpaper”
  • Do your best to be understood.
    When someone questions your description, it usually means you didn’t use the right words. Sometimes it is worth using more words to correctly explain yourself.

    • :x: “The screen doesn’t show fresh when i open from the taskbar.”
    • :white_check_mark: “The window doesn’t refresh itself when i select it in the taskbar.”
  • Provide context information, including error messages and system information.
    Sometimes the issue is specific to some software/hardware configuration. Information from system commands is usually preferred, as it exposes intel it actually uses.

    • :x: “There is an error. I have an Intel cpu and a Nvidia gpu.”
    • :white_check_mark: "The application starts with the error “Unreachable service, dump core”.
  Kernel: 5.10.79-1-MANJARO x86_64 bits: 64 compiler: gcc v: 11.1.0
  parameters: BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-5.10-x86_64
  root=UUID=71bd23f7-486c-40be-9340-bb3466e941d1 rw quiet udev.log_priority=3
  Desktop: Xfce 4.16.0 tk: Gtk 3.24.29 info: xfce4-panel wm: xfwm 4.16.1 vt: 7
  dm: LightDM 1.30.0 Distro: Manjaro Linux base: Arch Linux


  • Avoid using screenshots of text outputs.
    It is largely preferred to post text outputs as preformatted text (</>), so your helpers can directly use them, and may help other users in need to find your thread.

  • List what you already tried, with links to relevant sources whenever possible.

    • :x: “I tried everything but nothing worked.”
    • :white_check_mark: “I followed this guide and this solution, but they didn’t work.”
  • Don’t be impatient.
    This support forum is not a hotline that guarantees a 5-minute answer, but a community forum where members voluntarily help when that have the time and knowledge.

  • Don’t pick the wrong fight.
    No need to lose your temper from other people’s remarks and interrogations, even if they seem “noobish” or irrelevant.
    This forum has rules, which apply equally to newcomers and veterans. If you deem a moderator needs to intervene, flag the infringing post and keep on resolving your issue.

Knowledge is power

Asking for support does not mean someone else will take full control of the matter for you. In order for the solution to come, and afterwards to stay, there are some things you still need to do.

Keep searching

The community may be knowledgeable, but we don’t know everything. Sometimes nobody can timely provide a definitive solution to your issue, so it is important you keep looking for answers on your side.

Have the will to learn

Contrarily to systems that magically solve anything for you, or others that change slowly enough to avoid most troubles, Manjaro is a cutting-edge distribution which, despite regularly holding updates to provide an as smooth experience as possible, still stays very close to upstream and the changes they bring. As such, it is important for you to at least learn why issues arise.
We certainly do not ask you to learn how to debug application code nor to build a kernel, but simply knowing the overall logic behind some processes.

Highlight the solution

If someone does provide a solution to your thread, please mark it so. This way, other users sharing your issue will instantly know what to do. This will also show the thread as resolved when browsing and searching.


As you may find solutions or knowledge by yourself, we would be very grateful if you contribute in return, sharing your findings – even for your own issues! – and maybe becoming a helper yourself on the long run. :wink:

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Ca me rappelle les “RTFM” en réponse que je recevais à mes débuts dans les années 2000, demander de l’aide c’est bien et légitime mais en dernier recours en gros…oui ok mais quand on boot sur un écran noir demander de l’aide en premier recours c’est bien aussi, tout dépend de l’importance du cas en fait


Oui c’est légitime, mais l’idée est que bien souvent, la solution existe déjà, même pour des problèmes graves. :wink:

Après, je pense que dans la plupart des cas, quand la solution est déjà documentée, on continuera de simplement l’y lier. Si on lie ce tutoriel, c’est que l’utilisateur ne s’est vraiment pas foulé…

It is not that much comfortable to search from mobile device (also note that mobile internet connection may be not perfect to open many tabs in try to find solution for exact case) when you can’t boot your system and have no LiveCD to boot up from, so the importance is also a factor here.

Now this topic deserves to be linked to a user’s “please help”-described topics instead of “provide good information” thread as it is more general and links to “provide good info” thread also.

I think it is great defragmentation, consolidation, organization work done here to start to solve problems as by themselves and by providing well-described topics.
Thank you for [How to].
May be to made it to be wiki-post?

Further improvement ideas:

  1. (may be separate topic, which will be linked here): how to search a solution for the problem a user met.
  2. to post the problem description and solution which works for a user to make others to be able to find it.


True. It is not the simplest work to search, find, several times to try and to finally solve a problem.


May be we can pin this thread in sub-category instead of “How to provide good information” or along side with it?
Can’t find that option from within my user account.