Unknown File system, entering resume mode

Hi guys, so I have been using Manjaro for a little while and liked it a lot, however I’ve decided to reinstall windows so i can dual boot as I need some windows only apps, I burned the windows iso to my USB and I changed the filesystem to the correct one, I then go through the windows installation, everything seems fine, I’ve installed windows onto my SSD, it then prompts me to restart and when I restart I get the above error message, I have the feeling this is because my SSD has the incorrect filesystem, any way to get around this? Thanks

Hi @Bluu,

Well, logically, according to the error message, the file system is corrupt, missing pr just not something supported by Windows. Which is unlikely since you mentioned it finished installation. To be better able to help you, please see [HowTo] Provide System Information, [HowTo] post screenshots and links and [HowTo] Increase your chances of solving your issue will probably also help.

Also, I’m presuming you’re somehow posting this from Linux, if not boot a Live ISO environment, and please provide the output for:



fdisk -l

I’ve got to be off now, bhether it’s me or anyone else trying to be of assistance, the info would still be required.

There are some things you may read

Dual boot with windows:

How to increase your chances of solving your issue:

How to boot from USB into live Manjaro (for repair):

Please provide Information:

No I’m writing from my phone, I don’t have access to a live environment as the only USB I have has the windows 10 iso loaded onto it, also I should add, when choosing where to install windows I wanted to choose the SSD where my Manjaro installation was, it wouldn’t let me install it there so I had to format the drive first, it then let me proceed, then the problem started, when in my bios my SSD is still labeled as Manjaro which is strange as I thought it would’ve been completely formatted

Right now all I can access is the windows installation media, my bios and this grub rescue screen where the error is showing, if you really need my System info you can check my previous post where I could run those commands you mentioned

So you wiped Manjaro and now you’re having problems with your Windows boot? And you somehow think that this forum is the right place to help you solve a Windows problem?

Are you for real?