Gnome desktop search don't work

Activated gnome extension (just default) break my desktop search.

I see an error in the KSystemlog for the Gnome extension Appfolders Management extension. After uninstalling the application
pamac remove gnome-appfolders-manager the search started working again.

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Neither your topic title nor your post are adequate to help others help you.

What log?

There’s no such thing. gnome-appfolders-manager is a program, not a GNOME Shell Extension.

Please see:

Thank you!
Thanks for pointing out the misstake in the post

That’s neither in the repos nor the AUR. How did you install it? Either way, it’s a very old, incompatible extension.

gnome-appfolders-manager has nothing to do with anything here.

KSsytemlog, eh? Are you sure you’re using GNOME? :wink:

I’m unlisting this as all this topic will do is confuse others. You installed an incompatible GNOME Extension, it broke GNOME Shell. Removing it solved the issue.