[HowTo] post screenshots and links

Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆

You’ve probably been sent here by a more experienced user because you cannot post links nor screenshots :sob: so please follow the simple instructions of this tutorial below to allow you to post both screenshots and links in any post and have a short explanation of why you can’t do this easily… :+1: :innocent:

If you’re reading this in response to a question, please click the green link above this text to bring you to the full unabridged text of the tutorial itself.

If you can read this line, you’re already where you’re supposed to be! :+1:

(Please click the ► to expand any of the below sections:)

On this forum here you need to have Trust Level 1 (=TL1) to be able to post screenshots and links in-line.

That's dumb! Why is that?

Well, that’s because on our old forum we got tons of screenshots of text, links to SPAM, PR0N and other things you don’t want on a forum, so all the new users are prohibited from posting links and pics because of a few bad actors. :sob:

How to post links:

  • Precede the link with a back tick ` and end it with another back tick like this:


  • That’s it! You now have a (non-clickable) link that the experts here can right-click on and open in a new tab.

How to post screenshots:

Please adhere to the following rules when posting a screenshot:

  1. Please, don’t post screenshots of text!
    1.1. Definitely don’t post screenshots of text!
    1.2. Even when posting screenshots of text is easier than posting text, only Rule 1. :arrow_up: applies! :innocent: :wink:
    1.3. Shooting a photo from your screen with your phone/digital camera is by definition a screenshot so Rule 1. :arrow_up: applies here as well! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    Why the @#%* can't I post screenshots of text?

    It’s easy:

    • you post a screenshot once, but it gets read many times
    • text makes it easier for all the people that are trying to help you to use some google-foo to help you without having to type the text that you did not type just once.
      So the really busy, really knowledgeable people see a screenshot of text and move onto the next question instead of helping you. :sob:
    • It costs the Manjaro Team a fraction of the $$$ to store text whereas full-size screenshots take up much more space (and thus $$$) :money_with_wings:
    • How to post text (I.E. from a terminal):
      • Edit your post
      • Type 3 backticks ```
      • Copy the text from the terminal
      • Paste it in your post below the 3 backticks
      • Type yet again 3 backticks
      • Continue typing normally if you need to type more text, so your post looks like this:
        My flux capacitor is discharging at an alarming rate!
        sudo flux-info
        --- FLUX 1.3.1 --------------------------------------------
        fluxacpi    = inactive 
        +++ Flux Capacitor Status: FLUX0
        /sys/class/power_supply/FLUX0/manufacturer                   = OEM
        /sys/class/power_supply/FLUX0/model_name                     = BTTF2
        /sys/class/power_supply/FLUX0/energy_full_design             =  10 [MegaCochranes]
        /sys/class/power_supply/FLUX0/energy_full                    =   9 [MegaCochranes]
        /sys/class/power_supply/FLUX0/energy_discharche              = 385 [KiloCochranes]
        +++ Flux Capacitor Features: Charge Thresholds and Recalibrate
        What should I do now?
  2. Only post screenshots when someone is asking you to post a screenshot!


    This one is easy: it’s much more efficient to be reading:
    When I’m going to System Settings Fonts Font Management, the fonts don’t render in the preview window.
    than to look at three huge screenshots! (Again: Please help us help you!) :+1:

    Exceptions: When does it make sense?
    • When you want to show a graphical error, describe it with text, thus making it searchable and then post a screenshot.
    • If a GUI element doesn’t have a text name or label.
  3. Please make a screenshot of the relevant portion of the screen only!
    (I.E.: don’t post a screenshot of the entire desktop to say that you have a minuscule button in the lower right edge of the screen that is turning red: take a screenshot of the relevant part only!) :innocent:

  4. Make your screen shot and save it locally

    How do I do that?

    That depends on your Desktop Environment: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  5. Go to https://paste.pics/

  6. Click the Browse button

  7. Browse to your screenshot and click on it

  8. Press the Open button

  9. Copy the URL!
    (It’ll look like this: https://paste.pics/b03cd32463532de2ddfe4a1d82adc218)

  10. Paste this URL into your question / response using the methodology for posting links described above:


    (So please don’t forget to precede and end this URL with a ` )

That’s it! Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!


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I hate. how morons setup a bot to spam the crap out of a forum.

But Haven’t seen the last one yet!

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I just tried to follow above advice of parsimony and wanted to post only this Link
Sadly I forgot to envelope with ‘’ so the png seem to have been inserted as a whole - quite the contrary to my good intentions :frowning_face:
Is this the intended behaviour of the editor?

TL1s (which you are) can now use the envelope. TL0s still can’t so leaving this up in case any ever needs to post a screenshot (when asked)


A Salomonic solution.
Thanks for sorting this out.

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Please delete that. I hate these links so much :sob:

Just use the back ticks with ` … that would be helpful :pray:


It’s better than an imgur link!: they don’t work without scripts and cookies enabled on your system! (and I have enabled neither…)



:pray: :bowing_man: :raised_hands:

I have no problem with https://paste.pics/, but just say that they should post only the weird number would make me crazy.

TL0 should just, if not avoidable, paste the links with back ticks `. Thats all.

Think of doing that several times… Myself i will stop viewing links at all here by this behavior. Should someone else have a look there. :wink:


Revamped it completely:

  1. Explain why
  2. Explain how to post a link
  3. explain how to post a screenshot by using the expertise they just gained in posting a link.

Gut genug???


P.S. We can then select the text link, right-click and ask Firefox to Open Link in New Tab

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What is even easier (and what I see people do even more), is make a photo of your screen, instead of a screenshot… :wink:

( although I guess you could say a photo of a screen can be considered a screen-shot )

True. I’ll add that in now…


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Acknowledged. Noted all the points and the reasoning behind :wink:

While in my eyes: “A picture is worth a thousand words” :wink:

Despite the fact that I am a visual type and I find dry text too dry and boring, also I think screenshots of actual panels, GUI elements, desktop etc are way more newbie and Win user friendly in general and most people likes visual things to interpret. Same as the GUI on PCs vs terminal commands in the eyes of Win users :wink: But I understood all the points too above in the rules, pics eats up storage space and cash too.

I will need to learn those other semi graphical tools that you guys are using here, thext boxes, scrolling boxes and that black text field etc.

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  • Start here.
  • Continue there for the advanced stuff.


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A post was split to a new topic: How do I write in these button-like boxes?

yes understandable, some ppl are not ethical and considerate enough to think before posting and post in a scrambles emotional state of mind frantic and nutty lol