Weird line above window showing desktop behind

I am seeing a thin portion on the top of my desktop while in fullscreen on my applications. It is very tiny and may not show up on the imgur link unless downloaded.

I have tried changing resolution and coming back to my current resolution using graphical setting and xrandr in terminal, but the problem persists. I have only noticed this while using xfce


  1. Can you please read this:
    [HowTo] post screenshots and links
    And use anything but IMGUR as it requires cookies…

  2. While waiting for a screenshot I can download: Are you sure it’s not a monitor calibration setting? (I.E. have you gone into the monitor settings and tried to move your screen up for a few pixels?)


  1. Thanks for the heads up, here is the link of the problem suitably formatted

  2. I have looked and my monitor doesn’t have calibration settings for screen placement only colour correction, also I’ve noticed only some programs are showing this problem (Brave browser/Thunar/Pamac to name some) while others are not (Steam/Libre suite)

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  1. It’s not a monitor artefact: it’s a desktop one: the screenshot makes this clear.

as I’m on KDE, I can’t help you any further though… :sob:

I can confirm this here. However, I also have this line at the right border on my primary monitor. It looks like it is only one pixel in width.
Interestingly, the line disappears when I restore the application window to original size (or drag it around using the mouse) and then go to fullscreen again.

This indeed seems to point to a problem in the XFCE window manager. Do you happen to have more than one monitor attached to your computer?