Wlan Stick Support

Hi, I got the GigaBlue Ultra 600mbps wlan stick as my current laptops wifi card only supports the 2.4ghz standard and often fails to connect at home.

When I plug it in its detected as:
Bus 002 Device 005: ID 0bda:0811 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. Realtek 8812AU/8821AU 802.11ac WLAN Adapter [USB Wireless Dual-Band Adapter 2.4/5Ghz]

I checked for drivers on aur, but any I install, be it the 8812AU or 8821AU I get a message like

==> ERROR: Missing 4.19.269-1-MANJARO kernel modules tree for module 8821au/

(I am on the current 5.15 kernel)

Is there anything I can do?

To compile drivers like this, from the AUR, you need to have some prerequisites:
all of the packages in the “base-devel” package group
the kernel headers for your current kernel (actually: for all your installed kernels)
dkms as well

Hi @caroliny, and welcome!

As @Nachlese said, to install/compile something like this from the AUR, there are quite some prerequisites.

Firstly, you need the kernel headers for your installed kernel(s). You also need the dkms package. Then you can go ahead.

Installing headers for currently installed kernels

pamac install $(pamac list --installed --quiet | grep "^linux" | grep "^linux[0-9]*[-rt]*$" | awk '{print $1"-headers"}' ORS=' ')

Then you also need at least thee dkms package, but that sh0ould be installed when building the drivers, IIRC.

The drivers themselves are in the AUR:

$ pamac search 8812au
rtl8812au-dkms-git                                                                                                                                                                                                              5.13.6.r129.g0fe44f8-1  AUR
rtl8812AU chipset driver with firmware v5.13.6

So to build them, theoretically you need to run:

pamac build rtl8812au-dkms-git

Hope this helps!

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Perfect, thanks, this worked

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