Icons for certain programs not appearing after install in the KDE menu

As the title suggests, after installing anything not via pacman/pamac their icons don’t appear within the KDE menu.

Restarting seemingly fixes this issue, however, even when adding it to the Desktop, the icons refuse to appear,

I’ve identified the issue as it simply being that the icons for these apps don’t appear within the “Other” tab of the icons manager.
What can I do to resolve this; besides just biting the bullet and restarting?

Thanks in advance!

(i would embed screenshots but it won’t let me sooo)

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Can you tell what is that “anything”?

You could try the following in a terminal window, or better yet still, in a tty while completely logged out of Plasma… :arrow_down:

rm -rf ~/.cache/*.kcache
kbuildsycoca5 --noincremental

Can you tell what is that “anything”?

Packages installed via the AUR or shortcuts to Steam Apps:

  • https://paste.pics/9dffc1502d610067542623caa48e3eaf
  • https://paste.pics/4f4be594a91ee955dafb9b041c5b2ee1

Do also keep in mind that not all packages are graphical. Command-line applications don’t have icons and won’t show up in the menu.