Wifi dongle halts the system

Fresh Manjaro downloaded yesterday installed on a desktop without builtin wifi adapter. Two wifi dongles at hand.

Dongle 1: inxi gives me “Realtek 802.11ac NIC” with chip-ID=0bda:c811, but the wifi setting page remains “No Wi-Fi Adapter Found”. But this dongle works on Ubuntu out of the box, without rtl8821cu or any such random drivers.

Dongle 2: it works for like 30s, during which I could connect to a network and open Firefox, but suddenly the system halts and responds to absolutely nothing. Caplock/numlock indicator on the keyboard doesn’t respond. The magic REISUB no longer works either. Again, the dongle works on Ubuntu without problem.

Any help on either dongle is appreciated.

Developers might be interested in the second one, cuz it seems to me an indicator of a serious bug deep down, in which case I’d like to help the debugging.

Manjaro: 22.0, kernel=6.1.1-1
Ubuntu for comparison: 21.10, kernel=5.13.0-52

Hi @champignoom, and welcome!

I find it surprising that this one works at all. Accoring to this page:

We have not found a driver for the device in any Linux kernel versions up to 6.1 according to the LKDDb.

But also according to that page:

You need to install one of the following additional drivers for the device to work properly:

And that driver seems to be in the AUR:

$ pamac searchrtl8821CU
rtl8821cu-dkms-git                                                                                                                                                                                                                5.4.1118f1bc7e8-1     AUR
rtl8821cu chipset driver

(I recommend installing the `dkms1 one, as that will be rebuilt on kernel updates, where the other ones wouldn’t.

So you can install it with:

pamac buid rtl8821cu-dkms-git

And reboot. If everything worked according to plan, your wireless should now work.

If, however, it doesn’t reply to this thread and provide the info according to:

also, then provide the output of:


Hope this helps!



All I can say is


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Thanks for the help, but it seems that brektrou/rtl8821CU is incompatible with the latest kernel.

Is there any way to see in Ubuntu which driver is in use for the dongle? I think it should not be this rtl8821CU, as lsmod shows nothing matching *8821*.

Look for something *rtl or *rlt. It might not be it. But if it is…