Any possible fix to bluetooth dongle workaround error?

I’ve recently acquired a v5 Bluetooth USB dongle but I can’t get it to work.

The device is correctly discovered and sort of initialized. There are no rfkill blocks, bluetooth service is running fine, controller is set to hci mode, etc. The dongle is detected but cannot be initialized. Practically everything looks fine except it doesn’t show up as a controller.

The problem is apparently some workaround is needed and it fails. Here’s the message from sudo dmesg:

Bluetooth: hci0: CSR: Failed to suspend the device for our Barrot 8041a02 receive-issue workaround
Bluetooth: hci0: setting interface failed (110)

CSR is for Cambridge Silicon Radio. I have another bluetooth dongle with exactly the same chipset from another manufacturer and it works fine. This problematic dongle works fine in Windows as well, just not in Linux. The only info I could find is that this workaround is that there’s a parameter that needs setting at initialization and that before this workaround the only way to get it working was to use kernel <= 3.9.

There seems to be a rip-off going on with bluetooth dongles, getting some other brand involves paying x4 so it’d be nice to get this working. Any ideas or am I SOL?

Hi @burcak, and welcome!

That sounds frustrating.

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