The longest surviving rolling installation of Manjaro? (a contest of sorts :)) )

I cannot add photos or links, so I assume that I need some activity first?

You are assuming correctly.


You can always do it this way:

$ stat / | grep --ignore-case birth
Birth: 2020-09-14 13:00:31.000000000 +0200

Edit #2:

Providing terminal output

When posting terminal output, copy the output and paste it here, wrapped in three (3) backticks, before AND after the pasted text. Like this:

pasted text

This will just cause it to be rendered like this:

sollicitudin dolor
eget nisl elit id
arcu erat varius
cursus sem quis eros.

Instead of like this:

Sed sollicitudin dolor eget nisl elit id condimentum arcu erat varius cursus sem quis eros.

Alternatively, paste the text you wish to format as terminal output, select all pasted text, and click the </> button on the taskbar. This will indent the whole pasted section with one TAB, causing it to render the same way as descrribed above.

Thereby increasing legibility thus making it easier for those trying to provide assistance.

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Makes sense. My registration in the forum got deleted some time back (probably for inactivity), unlike my distro.

more than 4 years later, very little has changed…

Between unstable and testing for the most part. Only resorted to chroot three (3!) times, one of which does NOT count as it was due to a GPU failure.

Birth: 2018-08-27 12:02:32.000000000 +0300

Well, I’ve showed you mine, show me yours. :wink:

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Since you are new, you do not have access to members hub where someone showcased a 9 years old install, and still performing perfectly fine. Some have between 6 and 2 years installs.
Mine should have been older, but i did a mistake back then (all my fault) hence now is:

stat / | grep --ignore-case birth
 Birth: 2019-10-24 08:27:54.000000000 +0300

You have been registered on the and that got replaced in August 2020

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Ah, I remember you! Onwards and upwards. :slight_smile:

Why did @gohlip leave? :confused:

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If i’m not mistaken he switched to KaOS. Other active forum members, from back then also left, most for EndeavourOS. I think that is how also life works …
So, you are still on Plasma then … :smiley:

indeed, not changing that DE for anything. Though I am working in Gnome/mutter because of Ubuntu…

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Macbook pro 2009.

stat / | grep --ignore-case birth                                        
 Birth: 2018-01-05 13:15:46.000000000 +0300
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KaOS seems redundant. As sleek as it sounds (“a lean KDE distribution from scratch”), and even though it uses pacman, it offers a “limited repository”, and it’s a hit-or-miss with PKGBUILDs and the AUR.

I can see someone getting excited with this unique “from scratch distro”, only to become frustrated when they cannot seamlessly install/update certain apps that are only available via the AUR or the Arch Linux repository that hasn’t be “modified for a KaOS system”. :person_shrugging:

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with the level of expertise that he has, that wouldn’t really be an issue.

I didn’t test this in practice, but one could cheat by boot into a live medium and recursive remove everything from / (I hope for that person the local /home is not mounted) and reinstall Manjaro again without formatting the partition(s).

But hey, just changing the output of LANG=C stat / | grep --ignore-case birth before posting it in a forum is an easier cheat.

Cheating isn’t the point of this discussion. We’re talking about the longevity of a rolling release over the years and its stability and reliability.


If I hadn’t donated my old system, I had an install from 2016 on it.

Every time I had issues, I would just execute
# pacman -Qqn | pacman -S -

And it would always clean up any package problem.

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My laptop:

LANG=C stat / | grep --ignore-case birth 
Birth: 2015-12-23 20:38:31.000000000 +0100

My desktop:

[mochobb@mocho-desktop ~]$ cat /var/log/pacman.log | head -n 1
[2015-11-27 22:44] [PACMAN] Running 'pacman --noconfirm --cachedir /var/cache/pacman/pkg --config /opt/livecd/pacman-gfx.conf --root / --needed -Sy xf86-video-ati mesa-dri lib32-mesa-dri'
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