How to uninstall deepin desktop?

I use Manjaro Gnome desktop I installed the deepin desktop and now I wanna remove it
please someone to help

Hi @sma-coding, and welcome!

How did you install it?

Please provide the output of:

pamac search deepin

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thanks for trying to help
why we need terminal output I installed it from manjaro site

also here it is terminal output

pamac search deepin                          ✔ 
dde-device-formatter           community 
    A simple graphical
    interface for creating
    file system in a block
startdde          [Installed] 5.10.1-1            community 
    starter of deepin
    desktop environment
docparser         [Installed] 1.0.3-1             community 
    A document parser
    library ported from
xcursor-chameleon-pearl-deepin 0.5-5               community 
    Chameleon X Cursor Theme
    (pearl flavour)
plymouth-theme-manjaro-deepin-circle 1.0-4               community 
    Plymouth theme for
plymouth-theme-manjaro-deepin 1.6-5               community 
    Plymouth theme for
manjaro-wallpapers-by-lunix-deepin 1.1-1               community 
    Manjaro Wallpapers By
    Lunix - Deepin
golang-github-linuxdeepin-go-x11-client 0.6.9-2             community 
    X11 protocol go language
golang-github-linuxdeepin-go-lib 5.8.27-1            community 
    A library containing
    many useful go routines
    for things such as glib,
    gettext, archive,
    graphic, etc.
golang-github-linuxdeepin-go-gir 2.2.0-1             community 
    Generate static golang
    bindings for GObject
golang-github-linuxdeepin-go-dbus-factory 1.11.2-1            community 
    GO DBus factory for DDE
deepin-wayland-protocols      1.6.0.deepin.1.2-1  community 
    deepin Specific
    Protocols for Wayland
deepin-wallpapers-temp-fix    1.0-1               community 
    Fixes issue with default
    wallpaper in deepin
deepin-wallpapers-plasma      5.18.5-1            community 
    Additional Deepin
    desktop wallpapers from
deepin-wallpapers-manjaro     1:1.7.7-2           community 
    Default wallpapers for
    Manjaro DDE
deepin-voice-note             5.11.1-1            community 
    A lightweight memo tool
    to make text notes and
    voice recordings
deepin-util-dfm               1.1.1-1             community 
    Qt-style Client and
    Server library wrapper
    for the Wayland
deepin-topbar                 0.7.0-1             community 
    This is topbar for Deepin
deepin-terminal-gtk            community 
    Default terminal
    emulation application
    for Deepin, the old gtk
deepin-terminal               5.9.40-1            community 
    Default terminal
    emulation application
    for Deepin
deepin-store                  1.2.4-1             community 
    Third party app store
    for DDE built with DTK
deepin-settings-manjaro       2021.04-3           community 
    Branding configuration
    files for the manjaro
    deepin edition
deepin-screenshot             5.0.0-6             community 
    Easy-to-use screenshot
    tool for linuxdeepin
    desktop environment
deepin-screensaver-pp         0.0.4-2             community 
    Optional PP screensaver
    resource for deepin
deepin-screen-recorder        5.11.15-1           community 
    Deepin Screen Recorder
deepin-reader                 5.10.29-2           community 
    A simple PDF reader,
    supporting bookmarks,
    highlights and
deepin-printer                0.9.16-1            community 
    Printer configuration
    project for DDE
deepin-picker                 6.0.0-1             community 
    Color picker tool for
deepin-music                  6.2.24-1            community 
    Awesome music player
    with brilliant and
    tweakful UI Deepin-UI
deepin-movie                  1:5.10.14-1         community 
    Movie player based on mpv
deepin-mail                   community 
    Deepin mail
deepin-kwin                   5.5.11-1            community 
    KWin configures on DDE
deepin-iconthemes-manjaro     20170918-1          community 
    Icon themes for
deepin-icon-theme-manjaro     2021.03.12-1        community 
    Deepin Icons themed for
deepin-grand-search           5.3.2-3             community 
    System-wide desktop
    search for DDE
deepin-gettext-tools          1.0.10-1            community 
    Deepin Gettext Tools
deepin-font-manager           5.9.14-1            community 
    A font management tool
    for Deepin desktop
deepin-editor                 6.0.1-1             community 
    Simple editor for Deepin
deepin-draw                   6.0.1-1             community 
    A lightweight drawing
    tool for Linux Deepin
deepin-diskmanager            1.2.8-1             community 
    Disk management tool for
    creating, reorganizing
    and formatting
deepin-device-formatter           community 
    A simple graphical
    interface for creating
    file system in a block
deepin-desktop-base-manjaro   2:2021.06.16-1      community 
    Base component for
    Manjaro Deepin Edition
deepin-compressor             5.12.14-1           community 
    A fast and lightweight
    application for creating
    and extracting archives
deepin-community-wallpapers   1:1.7.7-2           community 
    Community wallpapers for
deepin-clone                  5.0.11-1            community 
    Disk and partition
    backup/restore tool
deepin-clipboard              5.4.25-2            community 
    DDE clipboard manager
deepin-camera                 1.4.10-1            community 
    Tool to view camera,
    take photo and video
deepin-calculator             5.8.23-2            community 
    An easy to use
    calculator for ordinary
deepin-boot-maker             5.7.8-1             community 
    Tool to create a
    bootable usb stick quick
    and easy
deepin-album                  6.0.0-1             community 
    A fashion photo manager
    for viewing and
    organizing pictures
deepin-wm         [Installed] 1.9.38-7            community 
    Deepin Window Manager
deepin-wallpapers [Installed] 1:1.7.7-2           community 
    Default wallpapers for
deepin-turbo      [Installed] 0.0.6-1             community 
    A daemon that helps to
    launch applications
deepin-system-monitor [Installed] 6.0.3-2             community 
    A more user-friendly
    system monitor
deepin-sound-theme [Installed] 15.10.6-1           community 
    Deepin sound theme
deepin-shortcut-viewer [Installed] 5.0.7-1             community 
    Deepin Shortcut Viewer
deepin-session-ui [Installed] 5.6.2-1             community 
    desktop-environment -
    Session UI module
deepin-session-shell [Installed] 5.5.84-1            community 
    desktop-environment -
    session-shell module
deepin-screensaver [Installed] 5.0.5-1             community 
    Deepin screensaver
    viewer and tools
deepin-qt-dbus-factory [Installed] 6.0.0-1             community 
    A repository stores
    auto-generated Qt5 dbus
    code (libdframeworkdbus)
deepin-qt5platform-plugins [Installed] 5.6.5-2             community 
    Qt platform plugins for
deepin-qt5integration [Installed] 5.6.6-1             community 
    Qt platform theme
    integration plugins for
deepin-pw-check   [Installed] 5.1.18-1            community 
    Tool to verify the
    validity of the password
deepin-polkit-agent-ext-gnomekeyring [Installed] 0.1.0-2             community 
    GNOME keyring extension
    for dde-polkit-agent
deepin-polkit-agent [Installed] 5.4.17-1            community 
    Deepin Polkit Agent
deepin-network-utils [Installed] 5.4.13-1            community 
    DDE network utils
deepin-network-core [Installed] 1.0.63-2            community 
    DDE network library and
deepin-mutter     [Installed] 3.20.38-6           community 
    Base window manager for
    deepin, fork of gnome
deepin-metacity   [Installed] 3.22.24-3           community 
    2D window manager for
deepin-menu       [Installed] 5.0.1-10            community 
    Deepin menu service for
    building beautiful menus
deepin-launcher   [Installed] 5.6.1-2             community 
    desktop-environment -
    Launcher module
deepin-image-viewer [Installed] 5.9.11-1            community 
    An image viewing tool
    with fashion interface
    and smooth performance
deepin-image-editor [Installed] 1.0.26-1            community 
    Public library for
    deepin-image-viewer and
deepin-icon-theme [Installed] 2021.11.24-1        community 
    Deepin Icons
deepin-gtk-theme  [Installed] 2020.06.10-1        community 
    Deepin GTK Theme
deepin-file-manager [Installed] 1:5.8.3-2           community 
    Deepin File Manager
deepin-dock       [Installed] 5.5.81-1            community 
    desktop-environment -
    dock module
deepin-desktop-schemas [Installed] 6.0.2-1             community 
    GSettings deepin
    desktop-wide schemas
deepin-desktop-base [Installed] 2:2022.07.26-2      community 
    Base component for Deepin
deepin-daemon     [Installed]        community 
    Daemon handling the DDE
    session settings
deepin-control-center [Installed] 5.5.158-1           community 
    New control center for
    linux deepin
deepin-cogl       [Installed] 1.22.5-3            community 
    An object oriented
    Layer for Deepin
deepin-clutter    [Installed] 1.26.2-3            community 
    A toolkit for creating
    fast, portable,
    compelling dynamic UIs
    for Deepin
deepin-calendar   [Installed] 5.9.1-1             community 
    Calendar for Deepin
    Desktop Environment
deepin-app-services [Installed] 0.0.22-1            community 
    Service collection of
    DDE applications,
    including dconfig-center
deepin-api        [Installed] 5.5.32-1            community 
    Golang bindings for
deepin-anything-dkms [Installed] 5.0.18-1            community 
    Deepin Anything file
    search tool
deepin-anything   [Installed] 5.0.18-1            community 
    Deepin Anything file
    search tool
deepin-account-faces [Installed]          community 
    Account faces for Linux
    ~                                               ✔

It seems you somehow missed my tip about posting terminal output:

Additionally, see:


Please provide the output of:

pamac list --installed | grep --ignore-case deepin

if any one can help here it is the lines I used to install
sudo pacman -S deepin
sudo pacman -S deepin-extra
sudo pacman -S lightdm
systemctl enable lightdm.service --force
sudo pacman -S deepin-manjaro

pamac list --installed | grep --ignore-case deepin
deepin-account-faces community 1.5 MB
deepin-anything 5.0.18-1 community 1.1 MB
deepin-anything-dkms 5.0.18-1 community 59.9 kB
deepin-api 5.5.32-1 community 65.9 MB
deepin-app-services 0.0.22-1 community 642.6 kB
deepin-calendar 5.9.1-1 community 6.4 MB
deepin-clutter 1.26.2-3 community 17.9 MB
deepin-cogl 1.22.5-3 community 4.7 MB
deepin-control-center 5.5.158-1 community 33.1 MB
deepin-daemon community 97.8 MB
deepin-desktop-base 2:2022.07.26-2 community 47.1 kB
deepin-desktop-schemas 6.0.2-1 community 293.1 kB
deepin-dock 5.5.81-1 community 5.7 MB
deepin-file-manager 1:5.8.3-2 community 54.5 MB
deepin-gtk-theme 2020.06.10-1 community 3.7 MB
deepin-icon-theme 2021.11.24-1 community 137.3 MB
deepin-image-editor 1.0.26-1 community 11.9 MB
deepin-image-viewer 5.9.11-1 community 7.2 MB
deepin-launcher 5.6.1-2 community 2.3 MB
deepin-menu 5.0.1-10 community 116.9 kB
deepin-metacity 3.22.24-3 community 6.7 MB
deepin-mutter 3.20.38-6 community 5.6 MB
deepin-network-core 1.0.63-2 community 6.2 MB
deepin-network-utils 5.4.13-1 community 360.4 kB
deepin-polkit-agent 5.4.17-1 community 252.7 kB
deepin-polkit-agent-ext-gnomekeyring 0.1.0-2 community 30.9 kB
deepin-pw-check 5.1.18-1 community 5.9 MB
deepin-qt-dbus-factory 6.0.0-1 community 3.9 MB
deepin-qt5integration 5.6.6-1 community 1.0 MB
deepin-qt5platform-plugins 5.6.5-2 community 694.5 kB
deepin-screensaver 5.0.5-1 community 963.3 kB
deepin-session-shell 5.5.84-1 community 4.3 MB
deepin-session-ui 5.6.2-1 community 3.3 MB
deepin-shortcut-viewer 5.0.7-1 community 80.0 kB
deepin-sound-theme 15.10.6-1 community 4.9 MB
deepin-system-monitor 6.0.3-2 community 25.1 MB
deepin-turbo 0.0.6-1 community 230.4 kB
deepin-wallpapers 1:1.7.7-2 community 31.7 MB
deepin-wm 1.9.38-7 community 1.3 MB
dwayland 5.24.3.deepin.1.4-1 community 4.7 MB

If you’re sure, then uninstalling it is as simple as reversing it:

pamac remove deepin-manjaro lightdm deepin-extra deeping

Followed by removing any orphans (this is a good idea for doing periodically, in any case):

pamac remove --orphans

And making sure GDM is enabled again:

systemctl enable gdm

and then rebooting.


Having multiple desktop environments installed will inevitably lead to problems. Please see here:

Note #2:

If you removed Gnome originally, remember to reinstall it before rebooting:

pamac install manjaro-gnome-settings qt5cct qt6ct

Hope this helps!

That are all related deepin packages:

$ pamac list --groups deepin deepin-extra deepin-manjaro 
deepin-account-faces                           community  1,5 MB
deepin-anything                                    5.0.18-1        community  1,1 MB
deepin-api                                         5.5.32-1        community  65,9 MB
deepin-app-services                                0.0.22-1        community  642,6 KB
deepin-calendar                                    5.9.1-1         community  6,4 MB
deepin-control-center                              5.5.158-1       community  33,1 MB
deepin-daemon                                community  97,8 MB
deepin-desktop-base                                2:2022.07.26-2  community  47,1 KB
deepin-desktop-schemas                             6.0.2-1         community  293,1 KB
deepin-dock                                        5.5.81-1        community  5,7 MB
deepin-file-manager                                1:5.8.3-2       community  54,5 MB
deepin-gtk-theme                                   2020.06.10-1    community  3,7 MB
deepin-icon-theme                                  2021.11.24-1    community  137,3 MB
deepin-image-viewer                                5.9.11-1        community  7,2 MB
deepin-launcher                                    5.6.1-2         community  2,3 MB
deepin-menu                                        5.0.1-10        community  116,9 KB
deepin-metacity                                    3.22.24-3       community  6,7 MB
deepin-network-core                                1.0.63-2        community  6,2 MB
deepin-network-utils                               5.4.13-1        community  360,4 KB
deepin-polkit-agent                                5.4.17-1        community  252,7 KB
deepin-polkit-agent-ext-gnomekeyring               0.1.0-2         community  30,9 KB
deepin-pw-check                                    5.1.18-1        community  5,9 MB
deepin-qt5integration                              5.6.6-1         community  1,0 MB
deepin-qt5platform-plugins                         5.6.5-2         community  694,5 KB
deepin-screensaver                                 5.0.5-1         community  963,3 KB
deepin-session-shell                               5.5.84-1        community  4,3 MB
deepin-session-ui                                  5.6.2-1         community  3,3 MB
deepin-shortcut-viewer                             5.0.7-1         community  80,0 KB
deepin-sound-theme                                 15.10.6-1       community  4,9 MB
deepin-system-monitor                              6.0.3-2         community  25,1 MB
deepin-turbo                                       0.0.6-1         community  230,4 KB
deepin-wallpapers                                  1:1.7.7-2       community  31,7 MB
deepin-wm                                          1.9.38-7        community  1,3 MB
docparser                                          1.0.3-1         community  1,1 MB
startdde                                           5.10.1-1        community  14,1 MB

dde-device-formatter                community  202,6 KB
deepin-album                              6.0.0-1      community  7,5 MB
deepin-boot-maker                         5.7.8-1      community  3,4 MB
deepin-calculator                         5.8.23-2     community  3,4 MB
deepin-camera                             1.4.10-1     community  16,9 MB
deepin-clipboard                          5.4.25-2     community  408,4 KB
deepin-clone                              5.0.11-1     community  5,4 MB
deepin-community-wallpapers               1:1.7.7-2    community  22,1 MB
deepin-compressor                         5.12.14-1    community  4,3 MB
deepin-device-formatter             community  210,8 KB
deepin-draw                               6.0.1-1      community  30,4 MB
deepin-editor                             6.0.1-1      community  19,6 MB
deepin-font-manager                       5.9.14-1     community  4,3 MB
deepin-grand-search                       5.3.2-3      community  2,1 MB
deepin-movie                              1:5.10.14-1  community  22,5 MB
deepin-music                              6.2.24-1     community  10,5 MB
deepin-picker                             6.0.0-1      community  164,9 KB
deepin-printer                            0.9.16-1     community  11,9 MB
deepin-reader                             5.10.29-2    community  7,8 MB
deepin-screen-recorder                    5.11.15-1    community  19,8 MB
deepin-screensaver-pp                     0.0.4-2      community  252,9 KB
deepin-terminal                           5.9.40-1     community  6,7 MB
deepin-voice-note                         5.11.1-1     community  18,6 MB

deepin-desktop-base-manjaro                        2:2021.06.16-1  community  45,7 KB
deepin-diskmanager                                 1.2.8-1         community  4,4 MB
deepin-icon-theme-manjaro                          2021.03.12-1    community  97,5 MB
deepin-iconthemes-manjaro                          20170918-1      community  121,1 MB
deepin-mail                                    community  7,0 MB
deepin-settings-manjaro                            2021.04-3       community  18,1 KB
deepin-wallpapers-manjaro                          1:1.7.7-2       community  20,0 MB
plymouth-theme-manjaro-deepin-circle               1.0-4           community  41,0 KB
pamac remove deepin deepin-extra deepin-manjaro

… should be enough to remove deepin.

man I have on the same os
I wanna remove deepin
that is all
in debian it is so so so easy
apt remove

so how to remove it from manjaro is it possible or I have to reinstall manjaro again so I won’t make the same mistake again and install the stupid deepin desktop

thanks alot the only helpfull post really thanks

He told you what to do.

is just as easy as:
apt remove ...whatever

Make sure you don’t have two display managers active - for Gnome, GDM is usually used.
So, gdm schould be active, lightdm should be deactivated or removed entirely.

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