New to Manjaro and help needed for some issues


I am new to Manjaro and using KDE edition. I have seen few issues cannot be resolved so I seek help.

  1. Whenever I try to connect my Samsung Note 20 with HP 15 laptop, it isn’t recognised. I see notice - No storage media found. Make sure your device is unlocked and has MTP enabled in USB connection settings. I have tried everything i can in phone settings. I also tried jmtpfs and the filezilla and ftp + server methods from wiki. All failed. I have filed feedback to Samsung too.

  2. The KDE connect also failed. It just cant recognise my phone and the phone KDE connect did not find my laptop!

  3. I have not found way to make panel and menu transparent. The widget that is shown, I’m not sure if it works.

  4. My plasma desktop is still stuck at 5.22.5 while 5.23 is already out.

I really love the experience here after spending 4 years on Ubuntu and 3 years with Linux Mint. It is great and I am loving it.



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Make sure they are on the same network.

Plasma 5.23 is in Stable-Staging, Testing and Unstable branches at this point. Will be in Stable branch, with next stable update.

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Hey there. i do not know if there is a way to keep your panel transparent but there is a way to keep it translucent. to do so:
right click panel-> enter edit mode-> more options-> opacity-> translucent
Try this out for fixing your android’s internal storage displaying problem in dolphin:

I also can’t seem to get kde connect working :frowning:

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Hi @harsh.r, and welcome!

  1. KDE Connect works perfectly between my PC and my tablet. Make sure it is installed both on your phone as well as you computer/laptop. Then you should be able to make shares on it for transferring files.

  2. Transparency can be set under System settingsWorkspace behaviorDeesktop effects IIRC.

  3. KDE 5.23 is in Testing, or Unstable. It’ll be upgraded with the rest when it reaches stable. If you want newer versions quicker, you’ll have to switch branches.

Please also see How to provide good information as well as [HowTo] post screenshots and links - Contributions / Tutorials - Manjaro Linux Forum


Hello, And Welcome,

I’ve just seen your post. I’m no techie here, but you might need to post more information i.e., output, on your current system, that way you can get help from more savy interlocuters than myself.

You say you’re new to Manjaro, and it would undoubtedly seem you have installed an ISO from Stable Branch KDE as Plasma version 5.22.5 is to be found on the branch I’ve just mentioned. The other versions are to be found on Unstable and, perhapse, Testing Branches… If your a newbie, here, I doubt that you really want to be anywhere else than on Stable Brance for now. Just my 2 cents :wink:

The method you suggested does not seem to work as I am unable to find USB file transfer on my Samsung phone.

Hm! i do not own a samsung but i am pretty sure this is a standard in all android phones. at least the newer ones…
you can find the file transfer option after plugging in your phone to ur laptop/pc.
in oneplus phones, the option comes up as a pop up as soon as it is plugged in
in stock android phones and roms, you need to click on the notification to access the file transfer option.

Not sure if I am reading correctly. I often want to take pictures with my phone then plug it into pc via usb. There is a open bug in kde on this. The phone or camera is not recognized.
There is a workaround for it at this time, the fix is in a newer beta testing version too be released soon.

The work around, what I do is use a spare usb thumb drive. plug the phone in and if it does not pop up in recognition, then plug in the thumb drive. Often the 2nd usb device will trigger and the popup will also include your phone. If not, then unplug both usb devices and plug the phone back in and it works … Little mickey mouse but the device notifier is getting confused and needs some encouragement. The team is aware of the bug and working on a fix, just not released in stable yet.

Or I misread and ignore what I just said \o/

Samsung phones come with OneUI which is custom UI of Samsung and I do not see any such options you have shown.