The samba shared folders show up empty

I’m using samba share to access files from my phone, the shared folders show up but when I open them , it says permission denied and loads an empty folder.
I have already granted full access permission to “Everyone”.

I guess you’d need to show your actual samba configuration in order for anyone to assess the situation.

At least that would provide some information.

As it is now, only blind speculation is possible instead of perhaps useful advice.

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I just used the share option in dolphin to share the folders.
And I set the samba password there as well.

Still not any neccessary info, dude.

Describe your problem again, but better.

Also, see [HowTo] Provide System Information and, if applicable, [HowTo] post screenshots and links.

Yes, sounds like a configuration issue. Does samba work when accessing from other computers/devices? Have you run testparm to see if your smb.config loads? Firewall issue, maybe on computer or maybe port forwarding in router? Min/Max protocol issue?

What application are you using on phone to attempt access? What type of phone? Android, iphone?
CX file explorer works flawlessly here on android.

Do you have knetwork tools installed?

Yeah sorry I switched back to Windows for now as I have exams coming up and many issues on linux for now.
I’ll revisit it after the exams .
Thanks everyone for you help.