Unable to boot from M.2 NVMe

I have been attempting to boot manjaro from a M.2 NVMe this is a brand new drive, I have been able to install numerous other OS’s anyone got any ideas?

Hi @scollar,

I’m sure everyone has idea. What I doubt it that they are relevant to you and your situation now. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

However, I may not be the one to help you, but please see How to provide good information for anyone else trying to help.

I am not exactlt sure what to show for as far as logs due to the fact i am unable to succesfully boot

Well, considering it is ARM, I am unable to help you in any way, as I have zero (0) experience with anything ARM-related.

However, I highly doubt anyone would be able to help without knowing the error. So see if you can upload a screenshot somewhere and provide the l8ink here: [HowTo] post screenshots and links

I can explain where it hangs, the Manjaro M with spinning circle, it spins for around 5 minutes the spinning stops and I have waited extended periods of time - 45 mins

No one is going to be able to help you when they have no clue what arm device you have or what image you have (including image version) or were you able to go through the setup.

All I can tell at the moment is it looks like it is booting to a certain point if you are seeing a spinning circle.

It is a raspberry pi 4b 8gb

Answer the other questions I asked.

I have tried 21.07 kde plasma and gnome with same results, both raspberry pi editions of course

How did you get the image on the nvme.

I have tried both rasperry pi imager and balena etcher

Were you able to go through the setup. Can you get to a terminal login with CTL-ALT-F2.

unable to complete setup, hangs at spinning circle

Answer my other question above.

you will need to give me a moment to re-flash NVMe currently has a working Ubuntu on it bare with me

Wait for @1m after the spinning circle stops before you try CTRL-ALT-F2.

So wait for the spinning to stop then count 1 min then CTRLALT-F2 …
Roger that

The system will be busy setting it’s self up for first run if it actually booted up on the root partition.

Ok I have tried this twice with same result first with a wireless keyboard, second with a wired keyboard… after spinning circle halts keybooards become reponsive

Should I attempt ctrl-alt-f2 before spinning halts?