Welcome and introduce yourself - 2020

Ok, first of September. Time to introduce myself again.

I live in Belgium, moved from one part of the country to the other side. My native language is Dutch. I can also speak some French and a little bit of English. I grew up with ‘the other’ OS, so sometimes I have a hard time switching between the both. It can be a mess in my head.

In real live I am a branch manager of a Dutch company. (Nothing to do with ICT)
I love animals, especially cats. I don’t have much free time, but when I have a few minutes I start making Wallpapers. I try to read as much topics on this forum as I can. I give a reply when I think my answer matters, but PLEASE do NOT (I repeat DO NOT) follow my instructions, or your computer will crash, fail and never boot again.

I can say much more, but I won’t :innocent:


:laughing: Love it!


Kia Ora.

From Rotorua, New Zealand.

Tried the Ubuntu flavours and don’t imagine I’ll go back after recently installing Manjaro/KDE on a Razer Blade Stealth.

Still hoping one day I can play all my PC games on linux. Until then I still use windows for gaming.


Only complaint I have is that it is really annoying not being able to post a picture or a link on this forum as a new user… this is (somewhat) essential, as many issues do not have a wall of text you can copy and paste into the post.


Hi all :wave:

I have been using Manjaro for around 4-5 years and I think this is my 3rd forum too! :3rd_place_medal:
I am hoping to see all the old birds back here soon (@c00ter, where are you???).

Maybe this is not a bad idea after all. People will get to see a less ranting me since it’s all buried now! :laughing:

Here is to the new beginnings! Cheers! :beers:


Please have a look here:

cc @pheiduck (as you liked that post you might not be aware of the above) :innocent:


same here my friend


Hello everyone wherever you are.
I am Andhy from Indonesia.
I have used manjaro this one month, I love manjaro.
The keyboard shortcuts are similar to those in windows so I don’t need too many adjustments.
Thank you manjaro …



I was new on the old forum, so it’s safe to say I still am a noob on the new one — and a noob at Linux, too :wink:

I’m from Belgium, I live in France. I’m a writer. I can use the Terminal and write my own simple scripts but I’m really not a dev. Being in my 50s, I’ve been (and still am) an Apple user since the mid-80s.

I tried Linux for two reasons (first, because I wanted to find an alternative to Apple’s OS and apps, I wanted to know that I had a way out, if I ever needed one) but the main reason is so incredibly dumb, I can hardly believe it myself: while in lockdown, one morning my brand-new Mac died. I had no easy way to get it replaced (stores were closed) and I could not even try to fix it myself (almost everything is soldered on the board).
As a temporary workaround, a friend gave me her old ThinkPad (T420). It was great to use, and great to see how easy it is to maintain or to fix anythign in it. The only drawback with it was Windows 10. I do like Windows 10, mind you but with all that telemetry-spyware stuff Microsoft is pushing into it, the laptop never felt like truly ‘mine’: I wanted something less intrusive.

So, I tried Arch and — who would have guessed — miserably failed at installing it. But I still liked the idea behind Arch. So, I searched for any “noob-friendly” Arch-based distro and tested a couple before finding Manjaro-Xfce. It was love at first use. And it still is, a few months later :wink:

Beside a few accessibility things (I have a very poor eyesight) everything is working much better than I expected. So much in fact, that I kept on using the T420 even after my Mac was fixed, only to replace it with its lighter (and quieter, but as old) cousin, the X220.


You meant BeOS ? :broken_heart:

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Hello to the new Manjaro forum. I am a new Linux user, having only briefly used a Linux OS years ago on an old laptop that had been running Windows XP. Two weeks ago, I finished building a new computer to replace the computer I had built in 2011. Because I had become dissatisfied with aspects of Windows, I decided to try a Linux distribution on my new computer. After doing some research, I settled on Manjaro as the best option to try.

Thus far, I am very satisfied with my choice of Manjaro. Save for my ethernet connection not being recognized, it has worked very well for me, and I have seemlessly used my computer for work and to play games. All the while, I am have been reading the form and the Wiki to learn more about how to take full advantage of Manjaro from you all. I look forward to asking a few questions on the forum once I determine all the information I need to include to help you help me.

Outside of my using Manjaro, I am a legal research specialist in the area of U.S. immigration law and I run an online writing magazine called The New Leaf Journal (link in my bio if you are interested).

It looks like I joined a great community, and I look forward to learning more about Manjaro (and perhaps someday in the future, knowing enough to help other users).


Yeah, I finally managed to find the Intro forum!

Hey ya’ll! I’m a newbie to Manjaro. Only been using for about a month so far, but been using Linux as my primary OS for for about 4-5 years; Mint specifically. Windows is the OS I grew up with, but after building my own computer almost a decade ago, I wanted to be more than just a user and sought to breakaway from anything and everything proprietary. My dip into the open-source community quickly led me to Linux and I started my apprenticeship with Linux Mint Rosa. I chose Mint initially because I hadn’t heard of Manjaro at the time, the Ubuntu Dash turned me off, and being a PC user, I wanted a user-friendly distro that looked and behaved similar to Windows. Mint has done well acclimating me to Linux, but it was always a stepping stone. I value deep customization ability in a desktop and heard that Manjaro was 2nd only to Arch itself in that respect. I also was tired of the dismally outdated software in the Mint repos. Really enjoying Manjaro so far and expect to call it home for the next few years at least. I reckon I shall eventually switch to Arch, but Manjaro is a big enough step for now while I learn to become a Terminal pro.

Apart from my relation to Linux, I am a recent university STEM graduate (geoscience major) currently seeking employment. I was born, raised, and live in Texas and currently work as a freelance ranchhand.

Fun Fact: I use the Workman keyboard layout, which is somewhat unfortunate because all but one of the vim navigation bindings are off the homerow.


You write English very well! And don’t feel bad for using the “other” OS. For (almost) all are guilty of that original sin. :grin:


Hello there everybody, here is a long time Linux admirer from southern Sweden active mostly as a user over the years. My first experience was in the mid 90s with Slackware and later a brief moment with Red Hat and Fedora, but didn’t get around to do the full daily driver jump until the Ubuntu revolution 10 years later, then went to Mint when Cinnamon started to mature. Always been fascinated by what the FOSS movement can do and have achieved this far. Been curious about Arch and Manjaro for quite some time and took the leap to this summers Manjaro Cinnamon community release a few weeks ago after fiddling around some in VirtualBox before that.

Totally amazed how smooth everything just worked and all of my expectations and requirements have been way over the level what I wanted in my main every day computer usage this far. And my first impressions of this community is that it seems to be a really nice and helpful place with good vibes! Really looking forward to my Manjaro journey and hope to be able to contribute and help out… :upside_down_face:


Hi everyone.

I’m from Indonesia and I have been using Manjaro for 1 year. It feels really good, it’s very easy to use and has Arch linux features. I was using Ubuntu previously (Not for my main OS though). This is my second Manjaro forum for me.

Looking forward for new improvement from Manjaro developers!



I’m from the US (Midwest) have been using Manjaro since Jan when I decided to build a dual-boot Win10/Linux system. I wanted a Linux based system to be my primary machine. (No more Mr- Softee!) I also do Python dev. so it was important (for me) to choose a distro that supported Python 3.+ “out of the box”.



this is mateo from Galicia! I got tired of having an argument every day with Windows, so two years ago I decided to switch to Linux and it was love at first sight;

Im an electronics engineer, new to Manjaro as well as a lot of you (i think) - to be honest, the things that impress the most are the aur packages, which are almost infinite!

pd: I bought an arch linux sticker one year ago without even having tried it, one of my classmates always used to laugh at me (he had its reasons) because i was pretending to be a linux pro and i was actually running Ubuntu in my pc jeje; one year later, im finally running manjaro, no more jokes - soon i’ll try arch from scratch

big pleasure everyone!


Hey! I’m Manuel. I’m from Italy and I’ve been using Linux for almost 1 year, but unluckily not constantly. I’ve been dual-booting Windows-Ubuntu for a while, then tried Debian, Zorin, Mint and now I’m on Manjaro. I must tell that it feels fantastic on my laptop, like it is brand new. I hope to get able to help someone as soon as possible here!


Hi everyone, I’m Davide. As my neighbour up here :point_up_2:, I’m from Italy. I’ve been using Manjaro KDE for almost two years. Not only it allows to do my usual daily routine, but it’s helping me to understand and learn GNU/Linux little by little. I’m also studying a bit of C++ in the free time, maybe one day I will try to contribute a bit on the project!

Tschüss :slight_smile:


Hello, my name is z0id and I am from Germany. I have already been a member of the old forum. I mainly use i3wm. Manjaro made me stop distro-hopping and dual-booting. And the community is great. Thanks for the hard work.