Why do you disallow trust 1 users to post links and screenshots?

Recently I entered https://community.frame.work/ and I found that it is similar to Manjaro Community (outlook and culture), but I found out that I can post links even if I am in trust level 1, in my first post/answer.

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@Firestar, you probably have some misunderstanding :sweat_smile:.

TL1s can post links and screenshots! TL0s cannot on the Manjaro forum but they can over there!

Refer to:


The forum anti-spam policy blocks hyperlinks for new users, but you can use Preformatted text button </> (or 3 backticks ) to post an inactive url


Relevant quote from the linked thread:

That’s dumb! Why is that?
Well, that’s because on our old forum we got tons of screenshots of text, links to SPAM, PR0N and other things you don’t want on a forum, so all the new users are prohibited from posting links and pics because of a few bad actors.


Manjaro forum is a technical forum - not a social media - and while screenshots in rare cases can be helpful - they are inherently useless - because the content of screenshot can neither be indexed nor searched - and they quite quickly take up diskspace - filling the server with useless data.

So a user posting a topic - my system will not boot - adding an image - and the image gets lost - where is then the context of the topic?

That is the primary reason for disallowing screenshots as the forum thereby strongly encourage members to provide searchable topics and to describe the problem as detailed as possible.

Disallowing links makes it more difficult for spammeers as it is a well known spammer behavior - some users just create an account to post an advertising link to their web site - so not allowed either.

In fact because the forum disallow links - it is easier to moderate - because we don’t have new users reviving old topics with spam content.


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OK I just remember when I was a newbie about 3/4 years ago and I cannot post screenshots to explain what is very difficult for me to tell with words. Thanks everyone!


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