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I have difficulties with my install of Manjaro Xfce, Firefox and Chinese fonts.
Some Chinese fonts don’t display properly and I have squares instead of them, ie in Firefox:

screenshot: Hum, an error message said that I can’t join images nor links in my post, how can I show you my screenshot then?

I am quite new to Linux (and Chinese), so I am not sure how to solve my problem.

Thank you for your help.

Do you have noto-fonts-cjk installed? If not… :arrow_down:

sudo pacman -S noto-fonts-cjk

… or… :arrow_down:

pamac install noto-fonts-cjk

Thank you. I didn’t have noto-fonts-cjk installed, I had another Chinese fonts installed, much lighter (that’s the reason why I didn’t install noto-fonts-cjk. I installed noto-fonts-cjk, in Firefox I selected them for simplified Chinese and now the page with the squares shows the right Chinese characters.

How can I check what fonts I have installed on my Manjaro Xfce so I can uninstall the ones I don’t need.

pamac search -i ".ttf" --files

Hi papajoke, I am also on :slight_smile: , thank you for your reply.

Is there any easy GUI for installed fonts so I can easily see the installed fonts and uninstall them?

yes, exists some app for display fonts available (xfce ?), but we not have link to package…
attention: we don’t uninstall a font but a package (of fonts)

pamac search -i ".ttf" --files | awk '/usr\/share\/fonts/ {print $NF}' | sort | uniq

here only package list (without files) - but we have also some app packages (office, …)

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Hum, thank you papajoke, I found ‘font manager’ that I was not aware of.

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