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Hi, I have problems with font rendering, at least in Firefox. When I used Ubuntu, installing MS fonts was enough, but now I tried:

  1. Improve Font Rendering from wiki- not sure if that changed anything;
  2. pamac build ttf-ms-fonts - this added correct fonts in some websites;
  3. adding 20 lines to 20-no-embedded.conf as adviced in a post to fix Firefox and Thunderbird font rendering - but I’m not sure if I did that correctly, as the file created already had lines in it and I added those 20 lines.
  4. also I saw the post about bad rendering after freetype2 upgrade and tried sudo ln -s /etc/fonts/conf.avail/11-lcdfilter-default.conf /etc/fonts/conf.d/ - now it says ‘file exists’, but the problem is still there.

Wikipedia seems different, from my memory the font should be wider. In some places fonts look kind of thin or small and squeezed. (It says I can’t post links or images)
Is it possible to fix?

Have you checked this?


Changing default font worked on an affected website, it’s now much easier to read :slight_smile:

Does wikipedia look different than in this screenshot? Not a big deal, but I believe the font of the left list especially is more narrow than it should be:

The font in the left panel is smaller than in the main panel (12px vs 14px if you check through Firefox’s dev tools).

Yes, but I have an impression that both side and main panel fonts were slightly more different and spacious, more like the font in 'Contents", or not?

The page does take on the font you set in your settings, though it can still set different font sizes across the page.
Character spacing depends on multiple factors: the font, the font size, and a spacing attribute coded across the page.

The left panel does have seemingly smaller spacing than the main panel, since it uses a smaller font size.
The page may overall have a smaller spacing than previously, depending on which font you changed to.
From i see through the dev tools, there doesn’t seem to be an extra spacing attribute in Wikipedia articles.

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Changing default font doesn’t affect wikipedia, but devtools allow to increase spacing. Thank you :slight_smile:

Found the solution for Wikipedia fonts - it’s not the ‘Default font’ in Firefox settings, but ‘Sans-serif’ in ‘Advanced’ menu.

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