Ads pop-up appears when starting Manjaro

Hello everyone,

When I start manjaro, desktop xfce (not always, just some times), a pop-up appears in the place where the usual notifications appear (lower right part of the screen). The strange thing is that it looks like an advertising popup, the text is not always the same, but the last one showed the following: “Get New Year Ready. Deals up to 50% off are here. Go shop!”

I’m afraid it’s malware. I have tried analyzing with Clamtk and RKhunter, (Clamtk says there are no threats, RKhunter finds some files with a “warning” rating, but I imagine that these could be false positives)

In the notifications settings, in the applications tab I don’t see anything suspicious.

Does it happen to someone? Is it normal in manjaro? Could it be Firefox notifications? Should I be worry?

Sorry, the forum doesn’t allow me to add screenshots.

Thank you.

Did you enable twitter news in mntray?

There are some “ads” every now and and then :joy::wink:

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No, the only applications that I have enabled for notifications are the following 10, do you see any suspicious ones?

blueman (bluetooth)
Package manager
Xfce volume control
Xfce4-notifyd settings


May be push notifications from a website? Check Firefox Settings notification permisions.

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Thank you, in principle it was that.


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