How to install a new disk?

hello, on my pc I have 2 storages. A ssd and a hdd, in the ssd I have my system and applications (currently). And my hdd is unused. I want to know how I can install the hard disk so that I can put applications like steam games, files and others, keeping my current ssd configuration. Thanks!

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The above link should help you.

You should format the hard drive to ext4 (I like using GParted), then edit /etc/fstab to mount the partition where you want. Though you can use KDE Partition Manager or the like to help mount it as well, but I prefer to edit fstab directly.

You’ll have to add the location for Steam Library in Steam → Settings → Downloads → Steam Library Folders, after mounting the HDD/SSD

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I already mounted it but nevertheless when I open the disk from dolphin I only get the lost + found folder and it does not let me create new folders, I do not know how to solve this

I am not at my computer to be able to give you precise info, but:

Open the HDD/SSD in dolphin, right click a blank spot, and change ownership to your user.

Also, please don’t double post.

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Is it possible the account you are logged into does not have read/write privileges to that drive? Try logging in as administrator or do a sudo mkdir to see if that solves the issue.

Hi @francosarubbi,

Firstly, see How to provide good information and, if applicable, [HowTo] post screenshots and links.

Then, to debug, let’s first confirm the drive is, indeed, mounted. Please provide the output of:


Also, you say the drve is mounted, but you never specified if it’s with fstab or systemd units. If it’s with fstab please provide the file. If it’s with systemd units, please provide the relevant unit files.

If the partition is created and already mounted perhaps you need it make it your own. If you have used gparted for partitioning then ‘root’ is the owner of the new disk.

So mount it as you done it befor and then use ‘chown’:

sudo chown -R user:user /run/media/user/yourDisk

‘user:user’ is the username and groupname for the user who should be the new owner. Your groupname is the same as your username.
‘/run/media/user/yourDisk’ is the path to your mountpiont. You can find this in the adress-line in dolphin.
So do not only copy the command above, you have to adapt it to your requirements. :grinning:


Or you can login as root and then change the owner of the installed disc with the data explorer.

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