Kernel patch for bluetooth headset to work

I recently started an issue on the pulseaudio gitlab because my bluetooth headset wasn’t working properly. The issue was traced back to the btusb kernel module and there is a fix for it, except it hasn’t been applied to the 5.10 LTS kernel (or newer kernels apparently for that matter).

Apparently the fix is simple, but it is beyond my capabilities to apply it manually, so I was wondering if this is a good place to request that the relevant btusb patch be applied to the kernel. If so, I’d really appreciate if someone could include that patch, please.

PS.: Originally this thread included helpful links to the issue, etc, but apparently I can’t post links yet, which makes it hard to make a helpful post…

The name of the issue on the pulseaudio gitlab is: “HFP profile mSBC not working with bluetooth Galaxy Buds+ in 15.0”

Thank you all in advance!

Please check this out. You’ll find useful information there on how to post properly:

Thank you :+1:

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