Cannot format hard drive, SMART says it is ok

I tried to delete partitions and reformat a 1tb disk drive and now get read only input/output errors. Gparted cannot open it. Disks sees it but cannot do anything with it. The SMART utility says it is ok and I wasn’t having issues before. I just wanted to consolidate space as I upgraded my home drive and wanted to move some stuff around.

Perhaps it would be worthwhile to mention that the drive was originally formatted under ubuntu.

any ideas

Hi @kiliman-jaro,

First thing that comes to mind is a cable, or even other hardware problem.

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no cables, it is in the second bay of my laptop.

This still makes me suspect some kind of hardware issue…

Try to boot a live Manjaro environment from USB and see if you can work on the disk from there maybe?

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upon deleting partition and trying to format with a live usb, i got this error ( see image)

And when returning to my installed OS, disks no longer sees the drive

the drive is almost 10 years old, and its twin was starting to fail. Everything was backed up, so I think I’m just going to buy a new drive

Yeah, that does sound like a good idea at an excellent time! You sure got your money’s worth with that HDD.

SSD are now affordable it is a good upgrade to do :stuck_out_tongue:

My new main drive is an ssd, and I love it, but I can’t justify spending ssd prices for a large secondary drive right now. I’m looking at the toshiba L200 2TB for that. The laptop is 10 years old and while it is still capable enough for what I want to do, it doesnt feel right pumping more and more money into it. I’ve been avoiding replacing the screen (4 vertical lines) and dead battery for years!

edit: just ordered a wd blue mobile 2tb