Second Partition filling up Root Partition

Hello Everybody,

i have following Problem, my second Partition (Games) is filling up my Root Partition under the mnt folder. Everything i have in my second Partition is also filling my Root Partition, any idea how to solve this? If you just reading this you are already a Hero :stuck_out_tongue:

Try and find the post here on the forum on “how to post good information”

Part of it is to give details of your system configuration

inxi -Fazy

also, based upon your post
you mount a second partition to the / partition via mounting it to /mnt

How can that - attaching a second partition to /mnt on the / partition
fill up the / ?

it can’t

let’s see:

lsblk -f

once while the partition is not mounted
once while it is mounted

to get you and us an idea of what you might mean

How do you mount your second partition to your first?

How did you come to that conclusion?
The purpose of partitioning is to separate dedicated spaces on your drives. So technically, files can only take space on the partition they’re on.

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No, it isn’t. /mnt/ only references mounted partitions.

Thanks for your reply, but i can’t even answer your post, because when i put the requested information in here, i get the Information, that i can’t post Links in here…

My Root Partition is over 250 GB large and my second Partition is 661 GB large, now when i install a Game on my second Partiotion, my Root Partition is getting full and the Download crashes.
I don’t know why my Root Partition is so extremely loaded, it show’s me that the mnt folder is extremely large. Everybody tells me it is impossible, and therefore this should not happen right?

there are (going to be) no links in the output of the commands I suggested
perhaps somehow somewhere in the
inxi -Fazy - but then you could just go through it and edit those parts

Links can always be posted when you format it with the <"> button in the top row of the editing window

The more important part is the rest:

attaching one partition to another
is not (and can not)
be filling up the one that the other is attached to
(usually this is called: mounting
one to the other …)

so: try

lsblk -f




df -h

before your second partition was attached
and then after

to enable us to see what you see and enable us to understand what you think happens

Why do you think you have a problem?
How did you determine “it” to be one?

… HOW do you do that? Installing a game to that specific location?
Which location would that be? And how (again) would you force/ensure that?

… that is not how it usually works - perhaps in Windows, but not in Linux

Perhaps it’s better to explain what you are wanting to do
in relation to what you are actually doing
in order to get advise on how to achieve what you want. :wink:

  1. /mnt is a temporary locationj.
  2. if you didn’t create a rule in fstab or a mount unit - it will not remount after boot but the system is none the wiser so it try to write to /mnt but will fail due to missing write permission or it will fill your root device
  3. create a dedicated mount structure outside root and mount your partition in a sub folder


sudo mkdir -p /data/games

set permissions

sudo chmod ugo+rw /data/games

Create a mount rule in fstab or use a systemd mount unit

Example [root tip] systemd mount unit samples

sudo touch /etc/systemd/system/data-games.mount

Get UUID of your partitions - select and copy the one matching your games partition

lsblk -f


sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/data-games.mount

Insert below content - replace $UUID with the UUID from above command

Description=Games partition



Save the file

Start the unit

sudo systemctl start data-games.mount

list the content

ls /data/games

If you did it right then enable the unit

sudo systemctl enable data-games.mount

Use the new path /data/games to install games to


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I also wanted to post links and pictures in my first post, but I also wasn’t allowed and I was confused, why it doesn’t worked.

A new user has to spent some time in the forum, for getting this privileges, because now I am also allowed to post links and media.

It’s hard to test this once you are allowed to do it.
There is, as I said, always the possibility to edit the output
(this was about what was apparently considered a not allowed link in the inxi output)

I really thought that just writing down the link,
with no further formatting,
would result in this - but be not possible to do for a new user:

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Sorry @Nachlese,

this is really offtopic in this thread and I think it doesn’t need to be discussed here.

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After some hours I got a personal message from @system including following link and message:
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Preformatting allows to bypass that restriction, hence the guide i linked above…