Trying to run a .deb package on manjaro

Trying to run a .deb package on manjaro
OS: Manjaro 5.22.4
DE: Gnome
CPU: i3 7100U (2.4 GHz quad core)
GPU: Mesa Intel HD Graphics 620 (KBL GT2)
Device: Dell 5000 series
I was trying to install qt-spim (spim MIPS simulator) from:
but only .deb files are available for linux users. I also searched in AUR and got few packages in:
but I don’t whether to trust these packages. So I think I have to somehow install and use the .deb package that is available. So, can I know whether there is a way to install and run it ?

The simplest way to know is to check their PKGBUILD. And reading from the *spim* packages in there, they are pulling the code from the SVN repository in SourceForge.


I have looked at them but didn’t understand anything. Also, thanks a lot for sharing that link :innocent:. I am quite new to manjaro (just joined yesterday). I edited my post and included those links now. Kindly check them once. :pray:

Hello @RandomGuy :wink:

The AUR Package in your case gets the source directly, compiles and build the package on your computer. I would fully trust it.



spim mips simulator / Code / [r739]

And always check the latest comments… Maybe there were failure while building recently.

pamac build qtspim

Yes, it got installed and is running perfectly. Thanks a lot once again! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Could you help me understanding how to check whether a package is thrust worthy ? I didn’t understand that PKGBUILD thing.

Here’s a long read.


I guess you came from Ubuntu? How would you verify a PPA to be trustworthy? AUR is the same idea as a PPA on Ubuntu, just simpler…

With debtap you can convert deb packages to arch pkg.

Actually I didn’t verify as most softwares provide .deb packages as Ubuntu is the most widely used distro, and rarely provide packages for other distros. So I never needed to go anywhere. I just typed sudo apt-get and the suggestion came simply. But AUR is absolutely awesome and huge. I am just a newbie in usin AUR so can’t tell if a package is safe, that’s why I am afraid of installing any random package.

Hehe… So you don’t verify because it is widely used? Sorry, I have no words for that :no_mouth: Systems which are widely used are always a target for any malware… xD

Ok so you never used the PPA? Normally you have to add a repo and then you can use apt install package… So a newbe would trust pre-compiled packages from private persons, but a recipe, which builds the package in front of your eyes is less trustworthy. That makes no sense to me…

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No, I mean I never had to. I always got the required package easily on either the official website of the company or in official repo of Ubuntu.

I know this might not be expected but I never used it.
But your effort and help is greatly appreciated :blush:

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As you seem to be new to the Manjaro world, please also read this:

and skip all the sections you already know from your Ubuntu experience…


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