High disk I/O in kworker

Hello. Recently I was bothered by the constant sound of high usage of my disk. I used iotop and got such results:
I’ve already killed all programs that are remotely close to disk usage. I don’t know where to look at. lsof was not useful to me.
I also haven’t found anything suspicious in htop. Please help me to find the reason of high disk I/O.

Edit: replaced screenshots with links. After several hours the load dropped and I can’t reproduce the same results for commands on screenshots.

$ free --human 08:55:23
total used free shared buff/cache available
Mem: 15Gi 4,2Gi 7,1Gi 420Mi 4,3Gi 10Gi
Swap: 0B 0B 0B

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Please read this:

so please edit your post, amend that, add free --human in text format, respond to this message and we’ll take it up again.


Check if baloo is running. You can try to disable file indexing in system settings to test if it is baloo.

I checked for baloo process load in htop immediately and didn’t find it while sorted by CPU. Last time I had a similar problem it was the solution.

P.S.: I also checked out “Also index file content” to have peace of mind after the load died out.

After several hours the load dropped and I can’t reproduce the problem.

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