Very Interesting Problem with Manjaro 20.1

Hello everyone. I was using another linux distro for about a month and i wanted to pass to Manjaro. I installed the latest manjaro version which is 20.1 kde as uefi. Firstly i coudn’t reach to grub menu but i fixed this problem. But now there is no windows boot manager in the grub.

Detail1: When i am pressing F12 it shows me 3 option which first 2 are same name. Other one’s name is Yes. The first one and the third one(yes) are opening manjaro.Second one which same name with first, is opening windows. I did grub-update but it didnot work. Still i don’t see windows boot manager in the grub.
Detail2: If i start the usb which i installed the manjaro with it, i saw this option: detect efi bootloaders. Then i click it and i saw 8 option. I will add it’s picture.
Detail3: Secure boot is disabled.
Detail4: I tried that: sudo pacman -Rs mhwd-chroot but i get error: target not found mhwd-chroot

As i said i can reach windows with f12 button but i want to reach from grub menu. In manjaro, there is nothing important for me but in windows really i have very important files for me.
I could not embed the pictures. If you say me how can i upload. I can upload the pictures.

Thank you for your help for now.

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No need for screenshots!!

Please provide the output of the following 2 commands:

efibootmgr --verbose
parted --list

It could also be that you installed:

  • Manjaro in BIOS mode and Windows in UEFI mode (or the other way around)
  • Created 2 ESPs in UEFI mode (one for Windows and one for Manjaro)

and then what you see is perfectly normal


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