Battery icon is constantly in charging mode

Even when I’m disconnecting the cable, reconnecting, etc.
Clicking the icon shows the laptop battery is discharging above the progress bar to the right but the icon remains with the charging icon.

Sadly I can’t embed an image or even link to an image so I’ll let your imagination run wild.

Should I report that?
Where to?

Thank you!

Hello and welcome on the forum.
Looking the dashboard of the system and click right on the arrow for open the settings on the box of applications. After, turn the icon of battery in “show is apposite” mode.


:+1: Welcome to Manjaro! :+1:

If the above didn’t work, what’s the output of:

sudo tlp-stat --battery


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Thank you for the warm welcome, sadly I’ve lost all my credits from the previous forums so I seem new although I’ve been around for several years.
I’ve installed acpi_call for recalibration, a restart will load the module so I’ll rerun your command after restart.

Just pay attention to the fact that both plasmoid and the command show that the status is Discharging, the problem is only the icon itself (I can’t add screenshots sadly).

Read this:

I’m TL1 now, I was pretty trusted in the old forums so I didn’t think it should be a problem.


I hope that explains what I’m experiencing.

Totally weird: like the other icon is missing or so…

What happens if you:

  • log off and log on again while unplugged?
  • create a new user, log in there while plugged in and then unplug?


Sometimes I’m seeing the icon without the power plug on it while discharging but it happens in rare cases or when the battery is low.


I’ll try doing that as well, it’s my work computer so I can’t really play with it the way I want to, thanks.

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Open a support ticket with the IT department then…



I have the same issue after the last stable update, at least with on one of my laptops. I have set 80% as limit to charge the battery, this is a new feature of KDE 5.20.

Next Monday I’ll check the other.


I’m having the same issue with the battery icon showing it’s being charged when it’s not. Also, the charge indicator on the side of my laptop doesn’t go out even after I power down.

What happens if you use a text mode command like:
acpi -i
Probably the issue is present there as well.

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Yes, it says the same thing, that it’s charging though the battery percentage has clearly dropped.

Without any further details than the statement above, the only thing we can conclude is:

  • This is normal, your battery is dying and in need of replacement…


This is my first time posting about an issue, so I’m not sure what information to provide except what’s immediately evident.

When I run the ‘acpi -i’ in Konsole it comes out as:
“Battery 0: Charging, 76%, 02:00:43 until charged/
Battery 0: design capacity 6000 mAh, last full capacity 6441 mAh = 100%”

It seems to be saying it’s charging though I don’t have it plugged in to the charger. I wonder if I should try opening up my laptop and disconnecting then reconnecting the battery to see what happens.

In my case, my laptop is really brand new, minus one month old… I’ve rolled back the limit battery charging feature introduced with KDE 5.20, and after rebooting it seems that normality has returned.

However, I can’t assure that this issue is related with such feature.

I’m going to continue watching it…

Ah: yes, sorry: that’s a “feature” of multi-cell batteries: if you limit the charge to 80%: 1 cell is discharging while the other is being charged, except for >2 cell batteries.

Provide a tlp-stat --battery to confirm.

cc @scoobygang21: for you provide above and an inxi --admin --verbosity=7 --filter --no-host --width on top of that, please.

Here is the tlp-stat:

[albert@ThinkX280 ~]$ sudo tlp-stat --battery
[sudo] password for albert: 
--- TLP 1.3.1 --------------------------------------------

+++ Battery Features: Charge Thresholds and Recalibrate
natacpi    = active (data, thresholds)
tpacpi-bat = inactive (kernel module 'acpi_call' not installed)
tp-smapi   = inactive (ThinkPad not supported)

+++ ThinkPad Battery Status: BAT0
/sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/manufacturer                   = LGC
/sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/model_name                     = 5B10W13920
/sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/cycle_count                    =     10
/sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/energy_full_design             =  47880 [mWh]
/sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/energy_full                    =  48050 [mWh]
/sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/energy_now                     =  28470 [mWh]
/sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/power_now                      =   4114 [mW]
/sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/status                         = Discharging

/sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/charge_start_threshold         =     96 [%]
/sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/charge_stop_threshold          =    100 [%]

Charge                                                      =   59.3 [%]
Capacity                                                    =  100.4 [%]

+++ Recommendations
* Install acpi_call kernel module for ThinkPad battery recalibration


PD: I apologize for my English, it’s not my language, I try to do my best to explain myself…