Manjaro - Feedback - some issues

last week I bought a new computer but after just 5 days I am really disappointed by Manjaro KDE. Why? First, my personal Pro’s:

  • Linux Gaming was really fluently (up to 200 FPS on Guild Wars 2 on highest graphic)
  • Easy installation
  • DE and Themes (due to KDE Plasma)
  • Rolling Release

But in just 5 days I collect some points which will make it impossible for me to use it as a daily driver:

  • Switch user and relogging with the changed account results in a boot loop or something like that (e.g. black screen)
  • After using the 5.14 kernel, themes are shown flawly
  • Sound problems which could not be solved
  • And now the reason which prevents me the most: After some days I somehow changed settings and then, I can’t reboot my system. I stuck at boot screen showing the blocks, see photo. I could not find a proper and understandable solution for that (I am new to Arch-based distribution).
    Edit 27/10/21: I see there is a driver conflict, see post below.

Additional information about my hardware are shown in screenshot

What have I tried to solve my problems?
I changed the .iso from KDE minimal installation to full installation.
I used BalenaEtcher instead of Pi Imager.
I changed the USB Stick for full .iso
I think it was caused by installing all offered video driver, see screenshot.

But nothing helped.

Disappointment greetings,

Screenshot will follow after 18:00 UTC+2 now I that I know how to do .
Hopefully I can attach them later, therefore just a short inxi for hardware information:
CPU: Ryzen 7 5800 X
GPU: RX 6600 XT
Kernel: 5.13-5.15rc3 probiert.
Display: X11
Server: Xorg

Wait wait … so this is the first time you have ever posted, meaning you have never asked for assistance… and you yourself “somehow changed settings” and “then, I cant reboot”

And this makes Manjaro a “great disappointment?” :face_with_monocle:


Hello, compared to Linux Mint Manjaro is buggy.
I wish I could upload screenshots to show my problem, and get tipps maybe, but I cant although the option is offered -.-
And funnily, I can’t upload online and put in the link here.

Also you can post your system hardware with inxi


To be fair, I will the intructions tomorrow and paste the screenshots.
Is the switch user bug already known?

No as far as i know,I didn’t see any mention of this bug on this forum or in reddit both Plasma 5.22 or Plasma 5.23.

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Have you waited for 90 seconds? If the login screen appears after that, there was a stop job running, and it timed out. I have these once in a while, and I have my suspicions SDDM is to blame. And that is developed by KDE, not the Manjaro team.

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You came from mint? Have you considered the manjaro-cinnamon edition? It’s been pretty much rock stable for me for 18 months now. There’s been a lot of kde development recently and the odd kink gets through every now and then


Because you are having problems?

Have you done any searching to see if your issue affects anyone else?


This is your experience entirely. Counted by number of visits to the forum - lot of people uses Manjaro daily with great satisfaction - myself included since 2016 - The lot uses Manjaro with less issues than comes with Windows.

And quite frankly - you are starting this all wrong - your attitude is :-1: What do you think this is? A big business? A corporate support channel? A commercial product?

Let me tell you what this is

  • Manjaro is created by volunteers
  • Manjaro is maintained by voluteers
  • This forum is volunteers
  • The operating system is free
  • No one gets paid - not even the core team
  • Manjaro is supported by volunteers
    • with donations
      • used for spreading the word
      • used for hardware
      • used travel expences connected to conferences
      • used for infrastructure
    • hardware
    • with infrastructure
    • helping in the forum
    • testing sofware
    • building software

Yet you have the nerve to express your disappointment?

Instead You should convey your gratitude towards the community which is making all this happen.


Regarding the hype, for me, it was disappointing.
Normally, I do not use Switch user, I just accidentally cklicked on it. There is no OS where I wait 90 seconds for relogin. I feel, with Manjaro (KDE) some things are worse compared to Ubuntu or Windows. I cannot understand the hype, but I am just unlucky having new hardware.
Since in 6 month a new Ubuntu LTS is released, it is a bad time for a long-term system now.

But feel free to give suggestiob, currently I haven’t switched back to Windows.

I have Manjaro Linux and Windows 10 Pro on my computer.

I do not have to switch back to Windows.

I am using Linux since 1995 - so more than 25 years.

I am not disappointed by Linux due to security reasons.

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So your experiences with unbuntu are probably down to the new release of gnome? Unfortunately the latest version of gnome was released with bugs not fully fixed. Gnome 4 and kde are both under development atm and bugs will get fixed quicker on a rolling release like manjaro. Like I said in a previous post try a few different desktops in a vm/usb and see if you find something that is more stable on your system. There’s so many community editions as well as the official

Manjaro is not behind any hypes.

People are creating hypes and everyones mileage varies due to countless hardware combinations.

Then take into consideration the overwhelming majority of personal computer systems which is not created with Linux in mind but Windows.

Hardware support for the Linux kernel is almost always an afterthought if considered at all and the kernel modules available is credited to relentless opensource enthusiast reverse engineering windows drivers.

So when you are disappointed - don’t be disappointed with Linux - be disappointed with the hardware vendors which supports Windows - then - if at all - Linux.

Convey some gratitude towards all those unknown enthusiast who have made the Linux kernel possible - and all those developers creating open-source free - as in free beer - for you to download install and use - without ever supporting the developer(s) with as much as a thank you.

If you value stability over latest build you shouldn’t use Manjaro.
There is a couple of distributions providing the core experience of Gnome and KDE

  • KDE Neon (Ubuntu LTS base)
  • Fedora using Gnome
  • Oracle Linux UBEK (Redhat 8) (Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel) using Gnome

In contrast, this is the best Linux, no - Operating system - I’ve ever used!

It worked like a charm, straight after just installing on my computer. Better than Ubuntu, from which I came.

But then, I didn’t come here expecting to do nothing and everything to work. Yet that was the case.


It’s normal to explain your bad experience and you have the completely right to do it
Maybe your hardware is too new i don’t know i’m just a noob, personnaly all works great for me, no bugs anywhere (except in Deepin but it’s Deepin cause absolutely not Manjaro fault) just a few configurations difficulties for exemple i’m actually fighting with midi sound i will have to ask help soon, but these kind of setting difficulties exist for any OS even in Windows, isn’t it the reason of Windows forums existence?

Hello, compared to Linux Mint Manjaro is buggy.

The question had already been asked but i volontary re-ask if you come from Mint so why don’t you try Cinnamon? Once again i assume it’s all full strong and stable on Manjaro

Good luck and don’t give up :wink:

My recommendation would be to try to have your issues troubleshot and fixed. As already said, for the vast majority of people Manjaro is a proper, good experience, but it is possible that with some hardware combination and some software update that some thing may go wrong at some point, but from my experience there is always a solution.

You will need to invest some of your own time to have your issues fixed, as pointed already this was your first post here with no time spent at all on the forum to try to find solutions to your issues.

Also, I think @Matoka should create separate topics specific to the problem being faced, rather than just pouring everything into an ensemble. That would be easier to be followed and solved by the forum members.


I’ve enjoyed using Manjaro for several years now. Manjaro messed up my system on the occasions that I messed up Manjaro first.

Had you cloned / backed up your system before mysteriously changing some settings, you could have avoided the reboot issues. Sometimes, good computer user practices save a lot of time and annoyances.

I think that trying new Linuxes, well, anything really, should be done after the question, ‘do I really need to change?’ The excitement and emotional gratification of something new and shiny may not meet the practical needs.

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Regarding the boot problem, I found the reason: I installed ALL offered drivers for the graphics and maybe there is a conflict now.
The screen keeps black with this:
Screenshot, 2021-10-28 19:10:53 - Paste.Pics
In future, I can avoid this, but for collection: If someone knows a solution, pls link it for anyone with that problem. I will make a fresh install again.
My drivers:
Screenshot, 2021-10-28 19:13:56 - Paste.Pics