Manjaro 20.1 64-bit "Mikah" and Perfect-Privacy VPN

I am using Manjaro 20.1 64-bit “Mikah” GNU/Linux on my late 2019 Computer Upgrade King Hewlett Packard Omen 15t gaming notebook PC on a Kingston A400 SATA-III 6 GB/s 1.92 TB solid-state disk in a dual-boot configuration. My ADATA SX8100NP M.2 PCI-e NVMe x4 2 TB solid-state disk has Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit Pro edition version 1909 as of the current September 2020 Microsoft Patch Tuesdays security updates.

Perfect-Privacy VPN is one of my personal virtual private network subscriptions and I have a two-year subscription with this company. Someone posted an unofficial Arch AUR software repository on the Perfect-Privacy VPN boards. Unfortunately, I can not provide a link. Just to let you know, you may need to view the software code here:

I copied and pasted the software code in the original post into gedit and saved it as a file named PKGBUILD. I followed the instructions to go to the directory containing this file and I typed in makepkg -si.

This is my terminal output:

~ >>> cd Downloads                                                          [1]
~/Downloads >>> ls                                                             
~/Downloads >>> makepkg -si                                                    
/home/wellywu/Downloads/PKGBUILD: line 1: Bash:: command not found
==> Making package: perfect-privacy-vpn 1.3.14-1 (Wed 16 Sep 2020 11:39:20 AM EDT)
==> Checking runtime dependencies...
==> Installing missing dependencies...
Swipe your finger across the fingerprint reader
error: target not found: python2-blinker
==> ERROR: 'pacman' failed to install missing dependencies.
==> Missing dependencies:
  -> python2-blinker
==> Checking buildtime dependencies...
==> ERROR: Could not resolve all dependencies.
~/Downloads >>>

I am missing the python2-blinker software package and dependencies. Can someone here help me to satisfy this missing software package so that I get a successful installation of the Perfect-Privacy VPN Manager desktop client? Thank you.

Yes, you can:

The Python 2 package no longer exists.

See if Perfect Privacy has an OpenVPN configuration.

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I use an OpenVPN manual configuration. On their Perfect-Privacy Boards Forum, they instruct GNU/Linux end-users on how to use their cascading multi-hop capability and feature in the terminal and this is how some of the employees use in on *NIX-like distributions themselves. I have more research to do and to learn more things. Thanks for pointing out the deprecated python2-blinker software package.