Whisker Menu reset when installation aborted


When I was upgrading the system, the process was aborted due to unavailable space.

After that, the menu became the normal whisker menu, i.e. the default xfce style rather than the one that came with Manjaro.

Screenshot: ht!tps://paste.pics/6eb75d7f85f182726737ac5417b8c81a

I liked the original manjaro style menu pretty much. How should I configure it to make it look like the initial menu?


you sure it’s even whisker menu, what does it show when you right click the applet

It says “whisker menu” when I right clicked the applet.

so go into properties & configure it.
you can put it like you prefer.

i can’t remember the original, i use devilspie to maximize all windows. i use plank dock for apps.


Thanks for your help.

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