Application opens but on clicking not able to access

I am opening the application but not able to access unless restarting again and again after2 -3 boots it again happens.

despite your name, you’ve provided no info.
what application?
have you tried running it from terminal and seeing what error it throws.
what device are you using?
any special setup?

Sorry it didn’t allow me to put the image ,I am using manjaro - full DE ,earlier I was using manjaro-minimal but I faced a lot of wifi/blutooth issues there so installed the following version, the same happened in it also but the wifi and Bluetooth were resolved so I thought it was fixed in the manjaro-full one but when I rebooted,I again faced the issue regarding app opening but I am not able to acces it,other issues were fixed.

Edit: i am facing Bluetooth issue again ,not able to find the device,have to restart again and again

Sorry there wasn’t an option of putting in image otherwise you would understand it ,I am trying to open an app but it opens and I am not able to access it ,I had these issues in the prev manjaro minimal desktop so I changed it to full DE but still having this issue along with Bluetooth once opened works then when I toggle it off,I have to restart it many times to get it on again…

i am new to this forum

manjaro is the brand.
there are several different desktop environments, manjaro kde/plasma, manjaro gnome, manjaro xfce, manjaro mate, etc…

your in the gnome section of the forum, so i’m going to assume manjaro gnome.
gnome desktop does not do desktop icons, it uses an extension. the extension has always been buggy, personally i always turn it off in the extension app.

the best thing for app launchers is the dock, right click the app & pin to dock.

bluetooth is very basic, it does not handle devices that are configured by apps that you download for android or ios.

It’s not the case the case is that the docked application is only able to open ,when I press the dock for all applications it doesn’t open and all the icons get kind of assembled near one corner of the desktop screen then I have to reboot

Thanks for the Bluetooth one. I have done it somehow for now,the problem with the minimal desktop was evry time I restarted,literally new problems emerged out of nowhere…I don’t know about this one, hopefully it’ld fucntion fine

Can we put image here somehow?

Hello, read this thread:

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the key combination ALTTAB usually cycles through all open applications
If it is really open you should eventually reach it.
I don’t have Gnome atm but I’m quite sure it also displays some kind of overview of all open apps when this key combination is pressed.
I could be wrong.
It also has configurable hot corners that do the same - showing some kind of expose of all the open apps so you can choose one.

You didn’t say what app - and you didn’t say what happens when you start the app via a terminal.
Pictures aren’t needed - just a good description.
You can upload pictures to an image hosting site - and link to it.
format the link as blockquote, else you’ll not be allowed to post it either :wink:

again please provide your system info.

sounds like your system can not handle gnome, log out select gnome xorg at the log in screen & try that version.

xfce or mate desktop might be a better option if your looking to have desktop icons.