Kwalletmanager, do i need it?

i see its some sort of a password manager? but i use bitwarden and beyond having it installed in firefox i also have it installed in manjaro, so can i safely uninstall kwallet?

Hi @premier69,

I think it’s safe to remove, seeing as you don’t use it. I don’t either, I use KeepassXC, but I haven’t done anything with kwallet, or kwwalletmanager, or whatever. The don’t bother mee, so I’m just ignoring them, and certainly don’t use it. But I’m sure I could remove them if I wished.

Hope this helps!

(If it turns out it’s not, then tell me on the sly, so I can make a quick stealthy getaway.)

oh i got nervous now, can i proceed?

i tried uploading a screenshot using the upload but i get “Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post.”, so why is there an option then? how do i embed a screenshot? it won’t allow me to include a link either, what is this!?

Please see [HowTo] post screenshots and links

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it’s always something. i was trying to copy the text to show you but it’s in swedish, which makes no sense because in language settings i have english set as a system language but formats set to swedish, yet EVERYTHING is in swedish… that’s of no use to you i assume.

is there something i haven’t understood, why isn’t it doing what i set it to? once i have the system in english, i can copy the original questions text…

I have never had any issues with locale, but look at this from the latest update announcement.

you may remove kwalletmanager package after disabling kwallet in systemsettings but not the other related packages (kwallet, signon-kwallet-extension)


heh… i removed swedish and rebooted and there is only engish left and yet, everything is in swedish. i suppose this will require reading through that entire page yoou linked and probably needing to openn a new topic if i can’t figure it out.

@notageek Thank You!

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