Stuck on graphical interface

Hi I am trying to install xfce on manjaro but it seems it is stuck on graphical interface. I am a newbie please help. I am running amd cpu 5950 and Radeon 6700xt gpu.

Please detail.


OK sorry about that. It’s in the boot screen after the reached target graphical interface message it is stuck. I have access to the terminal if I press ctrl alt f1. Any more info required?

Have you tried suggestions from similar threads?

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This will likely require the 5.13 kernel. You can grab the 21.1 ISO:

If you don’t know what to do, you basically download the two part zip file, then extract it in the same directory!

For example, this is for KDE:

You download these two files in a folder, extract them both!

Thank yes kernel 5.13 solved the issue

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